Help with information on shutters

I did a Wind Mit on a home that had clear plastic shutters. The tag on the shutters has a Dade County Product Control Approval number 94-0531.05. I have tried searching for the number but can not find any information. I rarely have to deal with shutters in this area.

Can anyone steer me to where I can find information on what these shutters qualify for on a Wind Mit?

This is a good start…


I already tried both of those but they say that nothing matches the search.

Are you sure of the numbers? They are from May of 94.

My suggestion would be to request documentation from the owner if possible. The documentation can be included and the underwriter can make the call. If no docs, select accordingly on the form.

The numbers are correct according to the stickers on the panels.

Call me and ill tell u how to get it.

Are there fl numbers? If you can see the imprinted data, there is ussually a 3-4 digit number proeeded by FL. MDC approval will often start with noa.

I believe fl490 is the product approval for some I have dealt with.

Who was the manufacturer?