Accordion Shutters

I have an insurance company (Citizens) that has photos of the accordion shutters installed on the home but want a sticker showing MDCA compliance. The problem is there are no stickers/labels on the shutters. Is there any other way of classifying the shutters without a sticker? I searched online but can’t find anything giving the minimum code compliance for accordion shutters.

If you are in Florida post this in the Florida forum.

I suppose this is for a wind mit…If you don’t know the manufacture or any other info then…

N. Exterior Opening Protection (unverified shutter systems with no documentation) All Glazed openings are protected with protective coverings not meeting the requirements of Answer “A”, “B”, or C” or systems that appear to meet Answer “A” or “B” with no documentation of compliance (Level N in the table above)


I thought I did post in Local Inspection Issues and Florida Home Inspectors.

I’m aware of that and advised the owner that that is my only option. I was just checking to see if there was any other way to determine compliance by the type of shutter… Thanks for the fast response!

You did I was mistaken.
Does the owner have any documentation?

I ask the agent to track it down from the owner’s and offer to update the report. I often find the spec sheets in the garage or kitchen cabinets

I really like helping clients with these wind mits.
However we can only do what we can do.

There were a lot of accordion shutters manufactured by Rolladen that were sent to other companies.
Unfortunately, none of them had any documentation. The new companies put their stickers on them, but they lacked the noa numbers or any other compliance stickers.

This was a huge problem in West Palm Beach, in particular.

Unless your clients can produce documentation stating the shutters are compliant, and more than likely, permits will be required, they are not going to get the credit.

Been through this many times…