Documenting shutters

Homeowner has accordion shutters that were installed in 2005.

No stickers. No etchings. No permit records. Manufacturer is out of business.

Does the homeowner have any other option to prove the accordions are “A-Rated” on the wind mitigation inspection form?

You cant mark what you cant prove. Do they have an option sure. They can hire an engineer to come out, inspect, and certify them. Then it is up to the insuance company to accept ro not.

If you know the manufacturer is out of business, then you should know who the manufacturer is. Look up all of the accordion products they have made, and see if they are all rated. If all rated, then include that list with your report. That is really your only option unless you can get an engineer to sign off on them with a local approval. Storm shutter installations require permitting in almost all jurisdictions, which is this owners downfall.

I have “heard” in situations like this, that a shutter company will pull a permit for the install, then “re-certify” the existing shutters, then make sure they were installed correctly, then get the inspections, and everything is OK. I also hear…it isn’t cheap.

Who was the manufacturer? Have the homeowner check the invoices and maybe there is a part number on them. If so, you can then get the noa for them.
Submit it all and maybe the insurance company will accept it…maybe not.

Try NOA from building department and try if they have it.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind for future inspections. They were definitely helpful.

By the way, here’s how this situation turned out…

The homeowner contacted the community’s management company. The management company was able to provide the homeowner with a copy of the original “Request for Modification”. Homeowners in the community must get approval before making modifications to their home. This includes adding shutters. The “Request for Modification” included typical details like the address, contractor’s name and the work to be done. It also included the NOA for the shutters. I’ll attach the entire copy of the request to the inspection report and hopefully that will satisfy the insurance company.

I did not think of going though the management company but it certainly makes sense to do so. I’ll keep it in mind from now on.

Thanks again for all your input.

And thank you Michael. That’s good information to know if we encounter a similar situation.