Help with mold and HVAC in NC

I have friends by Charlotte with a major prob. THere son (8) is ready to get our of a childrens cancer hospital after first round of very intense treatment. What happens? Flooded crawl space - HVAC gone. H2O heater- gone. Tech comes and tells them mold in ducts etc. Bottom line -15k. Any one around that can verify? You all know the caveats.

BTW the story is on a very good hosp. web site.

Thanks guys and gals.


Not enough information. Is the 15k for the ducts only or for the entire system. Also, what is the size of the house. How many drops are there?


I’m very sorry to hear of John’s cancer and hope all is well.

It sounds like your friend has some major issues to contend with in regards to their home. We need way more information to help with some advice.

What caused the flooding? You need to stop or prevent it from happing again, otherwise all other work is in vain.

What tech? HVAC tech or a General Contractor?

If they had severe flooding damage likely there are other componets that will need to be looked at such as framing, insulation, anything mold could attack.

Was 15k for all repairs or just a new HVAC unit with duct piping? If it was just for the HVAC unit and its components this seems a bit high… (if there is only 1 unit).

Try to post as much info as possible in detail.


and why does the tech suspect mold,

THanks for the responses.

The info I got thus far is from a mass e-mailing. I put a call into them today but have not heard back yet. I will speak to them or see their family tmw at church (some are coming up for a wedding) and get more info.

However, I can add that this is a crawl space installation that was flooded by ground/storm water.

I believe it was a HVAC guy because the original mention of the problem was concerning the HVAC unit not working. So seeing it that way, they most likely called a HVAC tech. In any case, the same also inspected the ducts and found that their was mold and advised that everything should be replaced. Also trying to sell them a filter that will even remove influenza.

It sounds fishy to me, but that’s me anyway.

Thanks again for your quick action. Will post again tmw. BTW they are in Landis NC

To all concerned,

Got the low down on the situation. The problem was an improper heating and hot water system crawl space installation. Yes, there was a flood involved (due to Gustave) - 10 inches of rain in less than three days. Yes, there was a sum pump failure. However, the aforementioned units were both installed - below grade! Yes, that is right, below crawl space grade. A trench was dug out (called a “pit” by my friend). This is a text book example of why if a system is to be located in a crawl space in must be suspended above grade. I say “if a system is to be installed in a crawl space” because there is a basement also.

Anyway, the neighbor - a professional from what I understand, took on himself to inspect the ducts given the gravity of the situation. Finding: mold, visible and abundant. Obviously not caused by this one time event (they are in the home 2 years).

So with the relocating of the system including duct work - all new, the price is 15k, shopped by my friend also and not found to be high in comparison.

There are cleaning crews coming in to clean and sanitize the house and crawl. Then the crawl will be encapsulated with 6mil plastic.

Thanks for all the willingness. This is a situation close to my heart.

If you need anything in Staten Island, NY or North or Central NJ I am here.


Can this filed under home owners insurance? DO NOT LISTEN TO THE HVAC guy UNLESS he is mold certified. The price maybe right, but is it what is needed. If he removes ducts fromt eh crawlspace that flooded and then installs them in the crawlspace that flooded what assurance do you have that he is FIXING the problem and not just a temporary cure. I ask all people dealing with mold remediation what they think about IICRC S-520. If they have NO idea what I am talking about then STAY away. As far as I know this is the only mold remediation book on the market that stands up in court. People see MOLD as the quick buck. But INSURE they have the credentials and materials to complete the job properly. A mold remediation job done wrong can cause way more problems then are now present.

How did mold build up so bad in 1-2 days?