Help with mold report

I just took some indoor air samples for a friend and I would love to get some 2nd or 3rd opinions on the lab report.…-16%20copy.pdf I’m not IAQ2 certified so I could definitely learn from those of you that are. I’ll add the details to give all you guys as much info as I can. It’s a 4 story commercial building with very light traffic. Air handler in the attic. A few of the workers have been experiencing flu-like symptoms and headaches so they wanted to see if anything crazy was in the air. I took samples from the basement, outside, attic, and directly from an A/C vent to see if anything was in the ductwork. The basement is finished and supplied with conditioned air. Relative humidity readings throughout the building were upper 40’s and low 50’s. No signs of recent or ongoing moisture intrusion. There were a several dead birds in the attic under the air handler and when I used my smoke pen at the return ductwork (very close to the dead birds), smoke was being drawn into the ductwork. As soon as I seen that, my gut was telling me that was the problem but the air samples don’t really seem to indicate anything significant coming from the A/C vent. Chaetomium (known for growing on bird feathers) was present in the attic, but none was identified coming from the vent or anywhere else in or out of the building. Curvularia was found throughout the building and highest in the attic, but none outside. Helicomyces in the attic only. Pithomyces/Ulocladium highest in the attic and second highest level at vent with minimal amount outside and in basement. Stachybotrys in the attic only with a raw count of 1. The ductwork is very leaky and since several of the moulds require high and/or long term levels of moisture I can only assume that there is some condensation up there in the winter. The utility room in the attic remains closed and it is normally room temperature in the winter with no insulation or vapor barrier between the utility room and the roof sheathing and some of the exterior walls. Thanks for any help.

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