Mold in attic

I found some nice white mold on the rafters in an attic and some black mold in the peak area. This attic has a Attic fan and needs more ventilation. No eve vents and only 3 roof vens and two small gable vents. I am not a MOLD guy yet but how do you report these findings? Just state there there? Do you recommend a MOLD person review?
I actually purchased the MOLD kits/pump from Pro Lab but haven’t practiced one yet or came up with a mold contract yet. Maybe i need to get my butt in gear.

A swab test would need to be done. Air sampling is more for IAQ tests. Also you should use a moisture meter on the areas to see if moisture is present for mold to continue to grow… 17% or more is needed. Depending on sf of infected area, material removal may be needed or less than 20sf area just sanitized. Take photos and report…Mold reports cost client additional fee - $500+ If you charge less your robbing YOUR family…also is more to the report than just that problem area.

for $500 I would get in gear!:mrgreen:

If you don’t *do *Mold yet report it as …

Suspected Microbial Growth

And add a disclaimer that you did not test or try to determine any health implications from its presence. Then call out the moisture issue that you suspect caused it (lack of ventilation, if that what it was) and Get mold certified…

Price your mold inspection and sampling fees along those of your geographical competitors…

Hello Mr. Spencer …

You say: “[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Arial]A swab test would need to be done.” [/FONT][/FONT]

Really? Why? What decision making process are you going to change based on the the results? What is the precision associated with the results? What is the accuracy? What are your negative controls? What were your positive controls? How do you know if the results are qualitative or quantitative?

How would you like to have to take the stand and explain your way out of a law suit with an forensic industrial hygienist on the other side testifying that the swab samples were not just meaningless, they were collected in the absence of data quality objectives without the benefit of any QA/QC and outside of normal microbial protocols, and interpreted without foundation by an individual lacking sufficient training who grossly misinterpreted the data resulting in misleading recommendations?

Just a thought. Aw… go ahead … take the sample… an attorney is just waiting for you. And I could use the work … :twisted:

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

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**Beware that in most cases, if visible mold growth is present and the moisture source has been identified, sampling may be unnecessary. **

**According to the EPA, “In specific instances, such as cases where litigation is involved, the source (s) of the mold contamination are unclear, or health concerns are a problem, you may consider sampling as part of a site evaluation.” **