Help with NAP

I started home inspection business last year and I have been working on my website. I have never built a website and Nick Gromicko said I needed NAP. I added it my name Address and phone number to the bottom of my website in the footer. My web address is I was looking for any advice or input on how to make my website better for SEO.

Your website is Okay. But I would lose the “checklist”, and put a sample report up instead. What report software do you use?

When I open your site this is the first thing that I see.
There is alot of white space at the top of your site with no information.
I have to scroll or move to another page to get any information.

Ive been told that you have 30 seconds to catch a visitors attention.
If I spend that 30 seconds trying to find something more than white space, will I stay.

I would reduce or remove this section

Reduce the size of this area

Try to make this section appear higher on your page

I use reporthost

I use report host

Then throw up a sample report. I’ve heard that ReportHost reports look pretty good. That checklist just looks like filler. This is how I displayed mine.

Haha… Several Months Ago when I put it in It was mostly filler. Thanks

So far I’ve had comments from a design point of view and usability, but what about SEO and web visibility and search ability. How can I improve local ranking? for

Start with keywords, meta tags.

these are words and phrases that the search engine will look through your source code to determine if your site meets the users search criteria.

If I try to find you I will likely search for Rochester Home Inspector
I do not see Rochester, or any searchable terms anywhere in the top of your source code.
As is appears to me I would have to know I am specifically looking for watchdog inspections.

This is the part of your source code where keywords should be.

Here is mine

I use Report Host do for most written home inspections. Easy Peasy and as Russ says " Looks Snazzy : :slight_smile:

What is NAP.

I am certain to catch another whole crapload of old crap from not knowing another acronym :).

Can I get another trophy :slight_smile:


Name, Address, Phone Number

Thank you gentlemen :slight_smile:

Rochester is not a very big town. I have used google adwords tools in the most common searched term in my area was NH Home inspector and Home inspector. I am not sure how to edit the source code my website is built on wordpress.

Contact Ian Robertson, an INachi member/inspector.
He also owns** [size=1]**[/size]

He’s updated my site (not completed fully yet)
Excellent service, he really cares.
Many members have used his services & raved about him.
I do not think you will be sorry you did! :slight_smile:

How about this

All search these days is local. Without NAP you are invisible.

NAP replaced links in many ways. You need your Name, Address and Phone Number listed EXACTLY the same on your site and on other sites (i.e. directories, news articles, etc). That means you can’t have “St.” on one site and “Street” on another or “N” vs “North.”


It is something you take immediately following a big Thanksgiving Dinner, or during a Democratic Debate! :mrgreen: