Help with thermal image from encapsulated crawlspace

Stop playing around with infrared and post some high quality visible light photos of what you want someone to look at.

And then be prepared to hear that we can’t diagnose the issue remotely, so you need to call a local inspector or technician.


Here is the only thing I can guess…

And guessing if there is a true understanding of “encapsulated”…

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Not gonna see a hell of a lot with EPS on the walls, thus the NO visible light photos!!

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Soils are naturally full of small organic materials, and as these materials decompose over time, this natural process of decay inevitably emits odors or even odorless radon gas, which can be dangerous.

Agreed. Some unknown game he’s playing. Just wants attention I suppose.


@tglaze You’re correct that is the wall and they put silverglo. The vapor barrier has drain mating at the bottom and then vapor barrier.

So the cooler area is that of a concern? Does it mean water is sipping in from outside?

Air quality technician ran a test and no issue found.

Not necessarily, it means that area is cooler.

Why a drain mat? It is not uncommon to put an interior drain system to mitigate water seepage or intrusion then encapsulate with a vapor barrier to prevent that moisture from entering the crawlspace cavity.

I suspect the silverglo is an impervious coating also intended to keep moisture out.

Now you need to measure the humidity as well as determine if there is any mold growth on the wood floor structure. Other contributing factors would be plumbing leaks, condensation, unsealed wall protrusions.

Is there a sump pump or dehumidifier? Is this space conditioned at all? Encapsulated crawlspaces should be conditioned if it is not ventilated. If it’s ventilated, then it’s not encapsulated.

The drain channel mat i guess to direct the water to the sump pump. Yes the place has dehumidifier set to 50%.The crawlspace one can stand and then crawl towards the back. Checked for leak as we can see the pipes no visible leak on top.

Have you checked the pump basin for odors? They can get pretty nasty.

Why do you all continue to entertain this guy?? It has been requested numerous times to post an actual pic of the space, yet he refuses to do it…
He doesn’t care about getting an answer, I just haven’t figured out what kind of spam is going on here…


Maybe because it’s been slow here lately? :shushing_face: :wink:


Yes, it has been

I agree. We look like a bunch of four year olds that just keeps asking questions over and over again.


There’s always the conspiracy posts, if you want to be called every name in the book for disagreeing!!
(That’s his standard MO when confronted- very effective)


I think we are left with only one remaining variable as for the cause of the odor, personal hygiene.

Thanks everyone. I thought maybe someone can help but i see people just want to attack one another.

There’s your first mistake… or your third? I lose track with your inability to assist those with legitimate requests!

Me’thinks you deserve a place on the WAFI list!


So, how many of us are calling it moisture because it’s blue?

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Hopefully only the OP. If he had any desire to get this figured out, he would post an actual pic like requested