Whats wrong with this panel???:wink:

This house didn’t have any copper left!




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Copper is worth a lot of money these days! 1.50-2.00 a pound.

Is it that low down there now?

I got $2.60 up here last summer, and could have gotten $2.80+ up in Albany if I had enough to justify the trip.
Down there in the city it is typicall higher than anywhere.

I will say it is WAY down from where it was last summer.

OMG…I got 125 pounds of Grade 1 stripped copper and the best price I can get around here is 1.65 a pound so I am holding out and adding to the pile until I can get atleast 1.90 a pound.

I have a friend here who deals with a lot of section 8 houseing. I have seen them cut all of the copper pipe out from under the house. I guess pulling the wire is the next logical step.:shock:

I know a guy who built a house but ended up not being able to pay for it, the judge awarded the house to the finance company and told the guy to remove all his belonging and personal effects.

So the guy did just that, but he also removed the lights, the switches, and started to remove all the wire within the house and even removed the heat pump. When he was ordered back in court he looked at the judge and said…I put those items IN when I built it…technically they are mine.

The judge said…sorry…not yours because you did not pay the finance company for those items and sent him to jail for 9 months and ordered him to return the items.

The finance company was left with a pile of wire, empty enclosures and panelboard and missing copper water pipes piled on the floor…BUt they got the house…not sure I would have wanted it THEN.

They had a rash of people backing a truck in a garage right after the rough, hooking a chain to the panel and driving away with all the wire that came out. In steel frame construction with the grommets and plastic boxes, a surprising percentage of the wire does come out. Of course it trashes the framing along with losing the wire…

Jeez, what a way to make a living…:roll:

These guys are getting away with these thefts for the most part but they are stealing from a GC with a backhoe on site and lots of dirt that gets moved around. The ones who do get caught may just be dissapearing without a trace.

Jack the stripper strikes again.
Just wait until the telephone wires go missing.