This was an easy inspection

Their 400 amp service was gone, including the overhead service drop. . .




You can things are bad when the thieves got more for the copper than you got for the inspection :shock:



A condo I inspected last week had everything ripped out…toilets, sinks, appliances, electrical fixtures, cabinets, interior doors. Not a Flip either…this was a reo property and I think someone may have been a littled pissed off.

This was an REO as well, but the “neighborhood” is taking its toll. There weren’t even any windows left in this home, plus the copper water pipes had been removed. . .

It was, more or less, just a shell on a raised foundation.

To veer off topic a bit, have seen craigslist ads of HO’s wanting to sell HVAC equipment that they had replaced in the recent past before the lender gets the home back…:frowning:

Last Oct I inspected a 100 yr old home being used as a 7-plex; wiring looked up to snuff; 2 wks later I was called to look again – the wiring in the panel and all the copper piping was gone. The question was, “Is this the SAME house I looked at before?” Thankfully, I had photos of it all.
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I would have stolen the box. Got to be worth a few bucks.

Just desserts!

I just bought a REO home. The previous owner took the AC, Water system, lights, closet shelving, toilets, window sills, kitchen counter ,kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, and the appliances.

He even took the trees out of the front and back yard.

Thankfully he left the drywall, framing, tile and electrical, although I may have gotten a better deal if he had taken that too.

Its crazy what people will do to keep from getting a real job… :roll:

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Copper thieves get killed cutting into power lines

Didn’t you think to ask if the Utilities were on???

Snicker, snicker


Apparently, they were on when the inspection was scheduled. . .