Here is what many home inspectors and some structural engineers do not understand

… no, they don’t… 1st video inside the basement, block walls, some mold and efflorescence, 2-corners leak.
Do you see a vertical crack in block foundation wall INSIDE? No… this is what many do NOT understand and quite a few STILL don’t want to accept as the truth on why many block and brick basements, leak and have some mold, efflorescence.

This IS very important, CRITICAL to know so that THEY can then give you the correct information on what to do INSTEAD of what many tell you to do now which is, lol, raise and slope the grade or install an interior basement drainage system and other incompetent things.

The stupid basement, 2 corners do NOT leak because of what these morons hae been telling you, to raise and slope the grade, NO! Important to know when you are buying a house.

Outside, 2 corners… GEEE, what will we see, where was the water allowed to GET IN!!!

If there were NO exterior cracks, cracked parging etc in block wall then it would NOT have leaked!!! Geeeezzzzzzz

Other corner

So underground tree ROOTS can, do indeed grow up against basement walls and sometimes cause cracks on exterior of wall or crack the parging… allowing water to enter and cause some mold or efflorescence inside. Does installing interior drainage system remove roots, clay soil off walls and do they seal/waterproof these actual existing problems? No, never.

Might these homeowners need more exterior waterproofing in the future? Yes, maybe.

Main point is, many home inspectors do not know how to recognize aka acknowledge the EXISTENCE of the actual reason (s) why most basements leak,seep… but many sure do offer supposed ‘tips’ (pfft) to do that they erroneously claim solves leaky basements. They want their cake and be able to eat it too (see the many home inspectors videos on you tube where they claim all kinds of CRAP)

Just because a home inspector or anyone else does NOT see any cracks in block walls on the inside of basements does NOT EVER mean there aren’t 1 or more exterior cracks, just like in videos above, which was why the 2 corners leaked n had some mold n efflorescence. And if you bought a house and had a home inspection and this (above videos) happened to you, SUE them for their negligence!!!

The stupid basement? Lol. …