Block walls, leaky basement 2 corners some mold n efflorescence

the water has been entering through exterior cracks, cracked parging n some other minor exterior openings, caused some mold, efflorescence, paint peeling inside

inside basement

outside door #1

door #2

so a few home inspectors will tell you, you should raise and slope the grade when you have a leaky basement like this, lolooollllllllll, yeah they actually say this n claim that by doing this moronic surface water diversion, it will solve 80–90% of ALL leaky basements! hahaha Somehow they actually truly believe they know more than we do = lame incompetent negligent recommendation and i would ask for your back if n when they pull this bogus, weak, sorry, negligent crap on you, yep!

Furthermore, we have quite a few INT system scammers who will tell you something different, they’ll tell you that you need an interior drainage system and sump pump and will often try and talk you into doing the entire perimeter, even though you only get water on basement floor in or two areas, as in videos above - lying, cheating, bogus, idiotz.

i/we mentioned this bogus shtt to this homeowner, just did job today, he’d be pleased if ANY home inspector would like to call him and ask him about the job we did, about the cost, about being… what’s that word, oh yeah, proooofessional looolll and so on.

and i’ll send the following out to all HI’s here who cry about me/my posts/whatever… you wanna meet us on a job, wanna see for yourself? Wanna talk to the homeowner? You wanna dig with us so you can get a good whiff of what we do? Or are you all mouth n just being a lil bitch? Don’t reply back as always with that weak HI shtt the handful here do all the time, motivate your fat azz and come see, ask questions, work with us… thing is you will have to prove yourself to us so, if you quit aka can’t take it after 1’ deep or 3 whatever well, i not going to pay you for a full day lolol as the rest of us would have to work a bit harder to make up for a slacker… ya dig? So you think about n you let Unc Bubba know ok, maybe Tews can show up and dig and give me n my guys first hand, on site tips on how to dig our trenches, that would be real, real nice… i bet ya, you can’t hack it, i bet you cry as ya do here, if i’m wrong you get a whopping …99 cent bonus lol

again THEIR recommendation to regrade, to raise and slope the soil and their bogus claim that it solves 80–90% of all leaky basements is, total crap, negligent bs by non expert who has never done a job in their lives nor had to guarantee it. Easy to talk crap on a forum , something totally different to back it up in writing with a long guarantee now isn’t it Mr home inspector sir, Mr engineer sir, Mr Lanscaper sir, Mr lets mudjack your slabs concrete guy sir

So are you saying the work is just too hard for you to dig properly benched trenches?

it’s too much for this lil dirty waterproofing guy to process Mr T, i asked you if you’d show my guys n i how to dig trenches in different types of soil n depth but you are apparently too busy so we will stumble n fumble around until you can show us on site, if i die in a trench while waiting for you to show up, can you at least send a card and write, ‘i told ya’ ?

i don’t have 24.95… send card when Bubba is, ‘flat as a pancake’

You crack me up Mr. Potty mouth

lolollll Mike!!!