this is what many home inspectors, city inspectors, realtors etc

do NOT understand. Oh umm, I have seen for many years on HI’s own websites claiming they, “Inspect the foundation, walls etc”, something like that.

Pucker up buttercups.

Ok so, if and when some HI’s do NOT see any crack in a block or brick foundation wall…on the INSIDE…hmmmm, what does he/she tell the homeowners? What? Something like, 'Oh I don’t see any crack so your fine"…huh?

Or what about when some HI’s or city inspectors etc are called to a homeowners house because they seeked help (and sometimes paid $$$$$$) on 1++ leaky areas in their basement… what happens when these hi’s etc do NOT see any crack on the interior wall, what do they tell the homeowners? (duh, Mark and some others here already know the bs story, the incompetent crap)… oh, just raise and slope the STUPID grade and that solves 80-90% of all leaky basements, pffft. Need to be SUED, or at least repeatedly LOSE that inspection fee, dang skippy.

WHY? Because on most of these leaky basements (block, bricks walls), there IS 1+ exterior cracks, cracked parging, no parging etc and THOSE are why the stupid basement leaks and the HI… said NOTHING about this most likely-real possibility. Nah. Just let the buyers keep leaking when they move in and let them PAY for the repairs/waterproofing. Shhhhttt, they were needed in most cases a long time ago!!!

INSIDE basement, no visible cracks, corner-cracks, vertical crack… so? It NEVER means there are 1+ cracks on the… exxxterior you moron!

Don’t like my sentence structure huh? Don’t like my shtt period huh? Ok, keep it coming ladies…one day it will be… open wide for chunky for some HIs.

Since quite a few HI’s claim on their websites they…pffttt, ‘inspect’ the foundation walls etc, then please fkg explain mr wonderful how this shtt got by ya’s for decades!!!@!@!@!!! Morons.

OUTSIDE, 2 videos, the facts, the EXISTING defects YOU… should have either found/identified OR, kept your trap shut on.

I can happily give you an approx. number of negligent, incompetent inspections (per foundation walls chump) you have MISSED by 100% and left many buyers having to foot the cost on something YOUR azz should have found, noted

inside and out

The majority of these exterior cracks look something like this/photo/link…

Photo album leaky basement, INSIDE wall/corner shows NO ‘corner crack, no vertical crack near corner’, NOT talking about the hairline step crack etc, the CORNER! click any photo to enlarge if you all haven’t run away yet… MOMMIE!!!
Then look at the other photoas, the outside photos of… the CORNER! lloool, god you missed sooo many, incompetent blshtt that screwed over many, many homeowners.

These are exactly the kinds of EXISTING defects, cracks that allow water etc in, cause mold and efflorescence, that many HI’s have totally struck out on, you should be friigggin ashamed you dkkkd over so many of your clients, mostly BUYERS… feel me yet?

Hmm, any good-lawyer reading my honest shtt? You’d have to be blind not to fully see/comprehend what uncle Bubba is showing you… law-----suits baby! Oh yeah, ummmm duh, have so much more to give you kind peeps, hang in there, it’ll all come out… ok? Buh bye now

If you don’t walk (thoroughly inspect ROOFS) and there is a tear, a hole etc in that friggin roof and you do not write it up, who the fc is to blame?
Who may lose that inspection fee?

If there are some bricks crumbling, maybe even some that have fallen off a stupid chimney or, there are quite a few deteriorated mortar joints, or maybe even a step crack in the bricks outside/above grade… and you don’t write it up, who the fc is to blame for these needed repairs that existed before the sale of the dumb azz house, huh?

Don’t play dumb, no not any kind of that, 'well nobody informed me, it wasn’t covered in the inspection classes, nonsense.
An existing defect is just that and buyers got a friigin right to know, shtt, they paid your azz.

looooooooooooooool "80----90% of all leaky, wet basements is because of the GRADE eh? Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushhhttttt, eh i’ll jump along with some of ya’s and prove it, on the fkg spot, on inspections, for freeeeeeeeee! llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll
Your wrong, you’ve been wrong and until you sing a different tune, you’ll always be wrong and need to lose those inspection fees and sometimes, get suuuuued

Drove out to Lansing MI to help this very nice woman… she, like many others almost got ripped off by interior basement system chumps. She was LIED–to, her problems and lone solution were misrepresented by the same interior buttheads.
click individual photos to enlarge so ummm, you can see them better

First 3 photos inside basement, no visible cracks…and when inspecting ANY block, brick foundation wall inside, nobody knows what shape, condition the exterior parging is in… IF parging was even applied when these homes were built. Again, when inspecting, when looking at the inside of these foundation walls, just because one does not see any crack on inside wall does not ever mean there aren’t any exterior cracks in wall or, cracked parging, which is where water gets into these block walls, often causing discolorment on blocks or efflorescence or mold.

photos 5, 6 ,7 porch cap removed… photo 7, see this a lot, why the hlll can’t these morons throw this shtt away… why backfill this shtt! Azz’z!!

photos 6, 8 9 exterior HOLES in blocks. Water, insects etc can easily enter.
Water does get under porches, under caps. They had 2 x 4’s in the holes to help hold up the plywood under the cap…oh ok, but you needed to seal/waterproof these friggin openings azz holes in order to keep water, moisture, insects, mice etc…out!!

photos 15, 16 some moron applied a thin coat of damproofing over/about 2 courses of blocks… really? They don’t think ALL the blocks and joints need protection???
And where the hlll was the city inspectors melon at? Why apply anything at all, 2 courses ain’t shtt and… thin damproofing? loooooollll weak, incompetent bulllshtt.

photos 12 13, 14 exterior hairline step crack… damproofing won’t ‘bridge’ these cracks man. These exterior cracks were NOT visible on the inside of wall!

Nobody should say anything to any homeowner, ever, that inspecting the inside of a wall you can come to the conclusion there are no exterior cracks, holes etc, wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong, incompetent, NEGLIGENT.

So many put most or all of the supposed problems on DRAIN TILE (and a supposed poor grade of course pfft) that’s all they emphasize… and they are wrong, incompetent, NEGLIGENT!
Drain tile has nothing to do, zip, on whether or not there are 1++ exterior cracks or holes or cracked parging in these walls!!!

Then we have some HI’s who tell homeowners, sellers or buyers to simply… MONITOR a crack… loool, don’t do anything about it, just ummmm, monitor the crack.
Eh, when there’s a hole etc in a ROOF do you inform homeowners to… monitor the hole in the roof? Really? looolllllooollll

If there are step or horizontal or vertical cracks in bricks and mortar joints above grade, do you tell them to… monitor those cracks? Don’t fix anything, just keep yer eyeballs on em, huh?
Here are some cracks including a corner crack that… WAS visible on the inside.
So, just tell homeowners to monitor the crack?

If there’s a loose, shtty handrail on a front porch, do you tell homeowners to… monitor the handrail? Don’t fix it, just keep your eyes on it?

Love it John, if the truth hurts, grin and bear it.

Good post. :slight_smile:

Marcel, thanks man. There really is a bunch of negligent crap on this subject, by many.

Here’s a little tidbit, photo album of a house in Eastpointe MI that a Mother of 2 bought… the seller lied, and that happens quite a bit but she also PAID and hired and trusted a home inspector who ummm, did not find any problems. Didn’t find any existing foundation wall problems (existing leaks in basement), didn’t find any deteriorating bricks and mortar joints issues above grade (tuckpointing etc) and so she got stuck footing the bills when it all could have and SHOULD have been avoided (had the home inspector been any dang good!!)
click any photo to enlarge the photo

…imo any home inspector like this terd (link above) should be SUED. Because, just coughing up, giving back his inspection fee is hardly enough to COVER her expenses that should have been found and noted and explained to her so that she could have OFFERED… LESS money for the stupid house!!!

Folla the incompetence… this former home inspector incompetently claims (near end of article) that if all homeowners follow his simple guidelines, his tips will SOLVE 99% wet basements…(pffftt!)
Radio show hosts like this guy, while likely well-intentioned, reaches and then hurts, misinforms many more homeowners than my azz could ever reach, to help.
Then add it is in print, pftttt.

Mr. former home inspector, all due respect but YOU… are…wrrrrrong!!! On this subject, what you wrote, is friggin wrong, is incompetent and can hurt/misinform a lot of people. Having supposedly been a home inspector for 20 years HARDLY gave you the expertise and hands-on experience to tell the world, what you did, geezzzzz.To come-off as some supposed expert is total bs, your 20 years as a HI did not make you an expert on this subject man!
It also does not mean any HI is an…could be an, expert witness in court on basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Yeah, maybe in their OWN mind, they are… not in reality. sorry. Yeah sure, some were good enough to bullshtt some judges, that’s the judges problem/fault/incompetence.

Let my old azz quickly add, there are MANY good home inspectors!! Don’t mean to, in any way, sound like I hate all inspectors or I don’t trust any of them, pftt, come on, wake the frig up. There really are some good, thorough, honest, experienced home inspectors. Have met or talked to quite a few of them, most–not all, Nachi members.

But on the other hand, on THIS SUBJECT and, at least here is Michigan, many are incompetent buttheads… on this subject, per their incompetent, negligent recommendations to unknowing homeowners on leaky basements. This garbage will continue to go on and screw over many more sellers/buyers UNTIL, unless, many home inspectors realize, admit to their prior screw-ups and change the way they think of, change the way they inspect basements/foundation walls etc

And it’s not just home inspectors, its also many realtors, landscapers, plumbers, members of the media, lawyers, judge’s and some others… you do NOT have the expertise to make recommendations to homeowners on their leaky basements, on their cracked, bowed foundation walls… you NEED to learn, educate your azz or, simply shut the pie hole man!! Shttt, some say they went online and did a bunch of research before they came to their moronic, pathetic recommendations on this subject… NONSENSE!!!
It’s obvious to me that whatever you read, found, researched was bulshtttt, was likely some interior system self-serving crap/lies/misrepresentations or, other home inspectors views or some OTHER… NON—EXPERT!

I, Mark friggin Anderson can GUARANTEE you that MOST of what is written, said on this subject… on the internet, is BULSHHHTTTTTT!!

I’ve read quite a few COURT cases, (umm duh no am no dang lawyer sheesh) and can honestly tell anyone who gives a shtt, that in many of these cases… the JUDGE is/was… wrong!!! In quite a few of these cases, the judge took the word of who he/she believed to be an ‘expert witness’, when… that expert witness wasn’t remotely close to actually being an expert witness on leaky basements, foundation repair!! If judges allow themselves to be FOOLED in their own dang courtroom, then THEY sccccrwed up!!! They are also at fault. Judgie, you based your opinion, in part or full, on faulty bullshtt testimony!!! loooolllll Just because someone takes the oath and tells you they worked for Neverdry waterproofing for… 20 years, does NOT at all make them a g dang EXPERT on this subject…sheeesshhhhus so easily bullshtttttted!!!

I’ll sit here again and post this again, he’s one of a FEW that a judge or a homeowner or whoever could find some honest, facts on this subject… John McEwen in CA, but agggggin looool, most doing research etc on this subject don’t find/read John’s facts or, mine… got dat?
There’s a difference and often a HUGE difference between, say, a guy who has worked for an interior basement system company INSTALLING interior systems and…say, John M.

The installer very likely was told/taught that installing interior systems and carbon fiber straps is waterproofing and that straps (pfffffft) ‘hold foundation walls together/they’ll never move or crack again’, and very likely the installer actually believes this and… 20 yrs later, thinks he is an expert and it’s also likely others around him believe he’s an expert since he has been installing these systems for 20 rs. He doesn’t do any homework/research, doesn’t THINK about what he was told (if its really true etc), just believes what he was taught is true, when it ISN’T!!! He does NOT truly have a firm grasp on this entire----subject! An honest experts learning process NEVER stops.

Versus anyone like John, who asks many thorough questions and seeks all answers, and has those answers, on both sides, not just the one side… err ummm, INSIDE, got dat?
He ‘SEES’…the entire picture, the entire field. He understands what is best, 99% the time, overall, for these walls and for the homeowners… not just what is best for HIM, his company… like inside system companies!!! looollll geeeezuz. They ‘see’… what is best for…them!!! I see they have blllshtted some home inspector organizations or paid em off, they’ve bullshhttted the Better Business Bureau and pay them off (they need to change their title because, well, some know! Get RID of the word ‘BETTER’ at least. Johnny Bubber has some new names they may be interested in, got dat?), they’ve bulllshtttted quite a few members of the MEDIA… or, at least PAY them enough money to ummm, get their one sided bulllshtt story told to the public!!

If you truly want to help more homeowners on this subject more often then, many need to CHANGE their frickkkin thought process as it relates to how/where/why water is getting in these basements and why many more walls crack, fail etc. Its NOT what you’ve been told, or dreamed up on your own. Its not the dumb azz grade, its not the exterior drain tiles, its not drylok etc, sheesh… nite nite.

…grrrrr, sometimes i hate having to go on and g dang on, just trying to be ummm duhh, thorough, veresus the incompetent blshttt from interior systems, ok?

Now, to quickly follow up on these installers, who sometimes may wind up in a courtroom as an pffft, expert witness in a seller/buyer dispute case…
interior French drain instllation video… this is what they are told/taught…

installing these for 20 or for 120 years does NOT make anyone an expert on this subject! It might make one… an expert on installing an interior system, that’s about it!

Try to touch on what this guy in video says…and MORE IMPORTANTLY, does NOT say.
A few for now, don’t have the time to rip it all apart…
–does he get into, does he bother to inform anyone watching… that the real—reasons of why/where/how water gets INTO basements that have hollow block or brick foundation walls… most often first enters through exterior cracks in those walls or cracked parging in those walls or no parging was ever applied to those walls or, possibly through other exterior openings along and ABOVE ground level???

Does he bother to inform anyone (come on, bet he basically does the same spiel in person, to homeowners on est’s) about the most likely reasons as to why there is efflorescence or mold or paint peeling on the dumb walls?!?

He says/acts as if it is A----OK to allow water to penetrate these walls, and that no deterioration could occur to these blocks and the mortar joints that help hold the dang blocks/wall TOGETHER!!! Like its impossible for the water that will continue to enter won’t do any further damage to the blocks or the joints! Like its a–ok to use these walls as some sort of FILTER!! loooll

And it sure seems to my old azz he is fine with it all, that THIS is… basement WATERPROOFING, when it is not. This system did NOT stop the water from where it is first penetrating, first getting into the dang blocks hence, it is NOT waterproofing, And if anyone gives a hoot about stopping/preventing mold or efflorescence then, sheeeshus loool, you MUST… STOP the water from entering!@!@#!!!@@#%

At 2:40 of duh video, he says… “We leave a one inch opening…”, and gives a quicky lil bs reason. He touches on radon gas and says sometimes they may not leave a gap BUTT, these gaps still allow ANY soil gases to enter these basements much easier. I ask, what about the possibility of other soil gases! Increased humidty, also allows easy access for insects who just love wet, damp spaces YOU peeps create by installing these systems! Come on man.

By the way, radon gas and other soil gases can enter any basement THROUGH the WALL, through any crack, hole etc in, on the outside-of these walls! And interior systems do nothing about that either.

What this homeowner really needed, like most (not all), was exterior waterproofing!!! Exterior waterproofing would have STOPPED the water from where its getting into the blocks and causing efflorescence!! And i bet more often than not, exterior waterproofing would have cost LESS, would have cost less than what homeowners spend on these interior systems…geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus

What was BEST for that basement wall, what was best to stop efflorescence on that wall and prevent future mold on wall and help stop soil gases from entering which all means what was best for the homeowner was, exterior waterproofing!

grrrrrrrrrrrrr loooll, one ore dammmitttt, just another glimse of what is///would have been, best!!! Interior basement system do not seal/waterproof EXTERIOR cracks!!!

Look at the photos of these 2 girls… they died. … i bet most don’t bother to look, and read… why? Same old increasing American blllshttt, if it isn’t happening to them they could care less. Better change this tune too or this country will wind up like all the old timer civilizations, like Rome.
In particular paragraphs 8, 9 , 10 … ‘Investigators believe the FUMES entered, found their way into the home through tiny cracks where the foundation meets the building’

One point is, am I’m no dang expert on pellets, insecticides etc… but had there been NO cracks, no openings then likely the fumes would not have entered or, not enough to kill these 2 girls.

And one can look at a story like this and think, hmmmm, what would seal/waterproof any exterior cracks and other openings… exterior waterproofing and tuckpointing or, an interior basement system???

“Found their way into the home through TINY CRACKS”… hmm, just tiny cracks huh, like this…photo
B Dry told this homeowner there was NO NEED to remove the drywall…did you read, understand this? Again, B Dry, which some HI’s recommend to unknowing homeowners… told the lady here there was NO NEED to remove the drywall and that in their opinion, all she needed was their system, an interior basement system!

This is very interesting (Arte Johnson, old Laugh in show, forget about it newbies!)… hmmm, how do YOU suppose B Dry would have STOPPED further water from entering the crack, and open rod holes, WITHOUT… removing some drywall and then sealing them all (injection bllshtt)… how would their the installation of their system STOPPED FURTHER MOLD!!!@#@#???

Well my oh my, i guess if there is a bigger, wider crack or a HOLE like this/photo then fumes etc can get in quicker/easier eh… interior systems don’t seal anything like this… just below GRADE—level

Hmm interesting… ok so, some homeowners are getting water in their basements (and insects etc) because of, THROUGH, these types of exterior cracks/holes…and fumes and soil gases can get in too, hmmmmmm…
so when a home inspector tells a seller/buyer to raise and slope the grade and does not find, identify or bring up the possibility of exterior cracks… and another moron insecticide pellet tosses comes around… well, what happens if someone else dies??? Would it be just the dummy pellet dudes fault? I dunno, there may be a case to be made that HAD the HI identified the actual reason(s) as to why/where the basement leaked and had it fixed correctly, or at least note the problem to keep your azz out of harms–way,then no fumes from pellets etc would get into the dang house to, got dat?

The SAME goes for inside system companies… who don’t seal anything on the exterior, not cracks, holes, nada… hold these sobs responsible, in part anyways… DO YOUR JOB (Bill Belichick!!!) and do it honestly you pig azz’z instead of lying and scamming people into interior systems.

HERE, YOUR GRADE (its always the answer right! lool)… the grade was ummm, RAISED in another WEAK ATTEMPT to stop water from getting in duh basement, lool i mean weak shttt
QUESTION for any home inspector, and any home inspector who supposedly is a paid expert witness on leaky basements, foundation repair… eh loool, Can soil gases or FUMES from pellets get inside any basement like this that has these kinds of EXTERIOR openings???

Some home inspectors are putting your own azz’z at risk and don’t even realize it, or do and don’t give one stinky shtt and if that is the case, i hope your azz gets sued repeatedly, pucker-up baby.

I probably hate the inside system more than you sir and if you would like I can send you today’s report on the inferior basement system and all the added BS that comes with it.

Hi Dave,

Hope your well man.

Doubt it’s ‘more’ Dave because, these lying scammers have pushed me and my guys to the brink of little work, and its not only us, there were a few other good exterior honest crews around our parts that are now, gone, poof, no work because the liars get most of it Am quite sure your inspections are doing ok/better and, if anything these nitwits may give you more work. Not the same with us.

Anyways sir, yes please, anything you’d like to share, photos etc would be great, for me… photos= evidence of the incompetent misrepresentative crooks they are. And i for one love to hear any quotes a seller (who had the crap put in) or potential buyer may have told you or you overheard, uh huh.

And Dave, am pretty sure this couple originally contacted you… just wondering if you have heard anything from them since???
Thanks Dave!

I am not even to the basement portion of my report today and yes this is more BS and I hate this crap beyond words as it is the biggest rip off going on today.

No word from the person that contacted me but I remember them well.

After 15 years of seeing this crap on a daily basis I feel I can consider my self very knowledgeable on waterproofing (you) vs water control (them) and big time rip off, just as MR Sullivan. (radio man)

agree 110% Dave, it really is one of or THE biggest rip off/scam shtt going on these days and… so many miss it completely (zooooom over their heads)

Dave, have you ever tried calling in on Gary Sullivans radio bs show and put his stinking azz on duh line? (if you ever did, RECORD it for us, our sake even if his scamming azz cuts you off)

I have tried this with 2 of the same type shttballs, Glen–lets scam homeowners–Haege and, Timmy boy Carter, down your way/Cincy lol

Carter let me call in first thing in the morning and allowed me to BEGIN to explain…‘some’ of whats going on and then, soon as I get to the good shtt, he cuts me off. Mind you, this is a guy/Carter who will charge $5,000 to give homeowners an estimate! Plus, you have to feed him lool, not kidding.

Haege? Well, he hates me and ummm, duhh, i hate him MUCH MORE right back, piece of human shttt, that’s the truth.

I write/email that joker, former home inspector who also has a stiny azz lying home improvement radio show, just posted his link, the guy who actually says and believes grading SOLVES 99% of all wet basements… sent this shtthead many photos, article, i have tried calling, i left messages regarding this subject… he has NEVER called back, no email, no nothing. Hmmmmmmm, i guess we will never be friends, huh loooolololl

I’ve contacted Atty Gen’s, many in the media and so on, NONE of them give one shtt about this, could care less.
Eh, i bet anyone… that if i contacted the media and offered to PAY $$$, they would listen, maybe even do ‘a bit’… SCAM!!!

What to you see this one!! It is so typical and the listing agent advertises on the internet and listing.

You will love the spacious colonial located near Sand Run and Cuyahoga National Park. The house offers nice size living room and recreation room with fireplace. Master bedroom has private bath. Hardwood in all bedrooms. Updated eat in kitchen area with stainless appliances. Formal dining room off kitchen. Partial finished basement with drop ceiling. Outside nicely landscaped, recently had 7 trees removed. Gutter guards recently added. H2O tank replaced 2014, dishwasher 2016. Basement has been waterproofed. Call to schedule appointment.

Then the agents and sellers call me ripping me a new one!! My client was trying to lower my fee 50 bucks today. I am getting sick of people and there SH**

…loool, Dave i just took a real quick look (google map) of this house, can you say… quite a few underground TREE ROOTS that, at least in part, have caused foundation problems/leaks that NO inside system addresses… and they want to play with YOU!!! loooolll hahahahha, what a bunch of azz wipes human shtt heads!!!

…it looks like they have the grade/landscaping BUILT UP around the front looolll and… is that a FINISHED basement?

Dave, i know you don’t BUTT… if you ever needed a back-up caller or someone to wake these people the fkkkk UP, have them call Johnny Bubb’s aka, Mark friggin Anderson, i will tear their azz hos WIDE open on this subject.

Here, i’ll ask them, hey realtor and sellers…and whoever else giving Mr Dave, an honest inspector a hard time…, call me g dammmiittttt, 586 777 7973, let me exxxxxxpalin the facts to YOUR dumb azz’z!!! looooollllllllll

Dude wait to see this one, I deleted the address of the house as I only meant to show the part about the water proofing.

I am so angry at this point. I will send you portions of report for your enjoyment.

i have not said it/the address, nor mentioned it/repeated it and of course won’t… no problem Dave, thanks man.

More shttt, house for sale… if you click, ‘SHOW MORE’ under duh video, it says/supposedly a selling point, ‘Top of the LINE basement waterproofing system’.

Hmmm, top of the line huh? Do they mean like this top of the line interior basement system installed here/video…

The incompetent chumps that installed this crap, you know, think of themselves as top of duh line material, top of duh line work, top of duh line interior system… just like the blllshtt in home for sale, bet cha.

Notice in video, they don’t HIGHLIGHT/show duh basement, don’t show duh system… hmmmmm. And I ask, is this basement finished? Cuz if it is, run!!!
Not buying any fkkg house that I cannot see the true, real, existing condition of the foundation walls, no way Spanky!
Eh, bad things can occur just when these interior bubbleheads remove part of the basement floor!!! That alone can, sometimes does CAUSE problems, cracks in walls, leaks, possibly cave wall in…have posted articles of this shtt happening, azz hos.

WTH man…you always told me I was right on with this. Now your telling me I’m full of it…Bubba bums me out.

looool Mister Bazzo!! How are ya man?

Have you been piling up money in your bank account due to a ton of business?
Hope so, lol. There are ‘some’ good, honest, thorough home inspectors in Michigan but umm, think you know, many sukk, especially on this subject and boy oh boy, sure do hurt/screw over their clients, yes sir.