Here you go Boys and girls how do a roof
I wonder how much this puppy is

When they can not tell me the price then for sure I can not afford this .
Thanks for the info . Roy

Charley will just step on it anyway…

How does it check layers?

Better hope it doesn’t get stuck. :wink:

Just got a email
You can get a complete package for $7995.
We do have some options. Please call or e mail for more info.


Mike Slawinski
Tobor Technology
And Bob the same way you check for layers with your Camera pole lol

Oh it has a robotic arm which supplies 500 ib pressure with articulating joints controlled remotely by a cell phone and blasts pandora while making coffee ?

Yes indeed:shock: it has been a long winter up there :wink:

That should pay for itself in no time. :mrgreen:

I would drop kick that sucker off the roof like a foot ball. I think we should all take up a collection and buy one for Farnsworth so he can get some business CMI is not working for him:twisted:

yes indeed it would pay for itself if we charge lets see 1000.00 a inspection

at 8K, I hope those tracks are super sticky… and the unit doesn’t slide off roof (loose granules etc) and then in a single motion, bounce of the hood of someone’s car, breaking into several pieces, sadly, you then have to get out of lounge chair, and climb the roof anyway… or come back as you don’t have a ladder in your sub-compact.

I wondered what they did with all those robots when I shipped them out of IRAQ. :wink:

Did you check it out?l it stops with edge detection , it seem to work well went over peaks, it checks pitch, measures roof surface and so . I quessing that is why it is 8000.00;-)

Caught a glimpse of a competitor’s vehicle, had just taken his gear… the whole nine yards to boot outta there. They don’t make 'em like that anymore… too bad, thought I’d share (envious of course). Saving money on fuel, hand over fist!

I did watch the video… joking aside, it does seem like it’s a very nice unit for sure.

At nearly 8 grand, it had better do more than roofs! The damn thing should fetch me a beer while I’m watching it work! :wink:

Put a Corvette Z06 motor on it, and Charlie can go chase goats and cows.

Gary, did you know that this link
does not work?

I was just wondering how it checks chimneys and chimney caps? It also would add more time to an inspection rather than just getting up there in person.