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Looks like the other 200 you did. Not trying to be mean but step outside the box alittle and lets see you put some together that stands next to big name company logos.

Out of the zillions of logos we’ve designed for members… I have difficulty finding two from the same state or province that look the same:

There is pagination at the bottom of so that you can scan through them.

Your missing my point. I’m not talking exact same logos. I’m talking same “appearance”. Most of his logo’s have a cartoonish look which looks the same. They look rushed. Everything you posted on this page is exactly what I’m talking about. Now compare them to these…

See the difference in quality? No comparision in my book. I can send you many examples. Everyone needs a indenty for their company. Your logos look like they are being massed produced from the same template.

I know what you are saying Billy, which is why I am not getting one.

Billy, thanks for the feedback. In most instances I am taking direction from what a member gives me to work with (not all of the suggestions made are good, but I am trying to satisfy individuals and reach a compromise). However the link that you provided is not a good example of what a professionally-designed logo should look like. Most people forget that a logo has to be reproduced on a business card, at the top of a letterhead, or at the top of a webpage. This means that the more intricate a logo gets detail-wise, the more difficult it is for the image to translate quickly at a small scale. All of the logos on the link that you sent reveal poor font choices, poor spacing issues, poor color decisions & poor overlapping decisions (sometimes all at once). Consequentially they look a bit amateurish. A logo should communicate an idea quickly, so the more simple the image, the better the font, the better the logo works. Most “big name” company logos are even more simple & direct than most of the logos that I produce. Pepsi, FedEx, Coke, Facebook, UPS, Twitter. All these logos do have variations with dimensional effects, but the logo doesn’t rely on the effects or the colors to work. Well-designed logos look similar because there are set rules for quality design, people tend to visually prefer symmetry and balance. Hopefully that makes sense. Here is a link to a stream of (mostly) well-designed logos, note that most of these don’t even rely on an image at all, but communicate with a font choice that creatively expresses a personal identity.


Sorry my friend but we will have to agree to disagree. I think you just described your own logos. I’m no expert but Pepsi Fedex Coke Facebook UPS and Twitter all have unique logos and I understand where you’re going with just using font but there are still many on websites that look unique. I could look at any given website and be close to certain your logo was on it if I saw one because a majority looks the same. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. There are more than just me and Juan here who thinks this.

Lot of website and logo experts here Levi. Just so you know :slight_smile:

Doesn’t take near an expert to see the difference but whatever… I just think NACHI can be a level or two ahead of where they already are IMO.

No accounting for taste.

If our Marketing Department didn’t hold their ground and instead actually created what some of our members asked for, you’d see a lot more over-detailed, gody, bald eagle logos with American flags (one one each side of course :roll:) done in super bright colors. LOL.

These are not really that unique. They are well branded, and that’s why you identify with them. Look at the FedEx logo, what is unique about it? Pepsi, what is so unique, it’s a colored circle. There is certainly nothing unique about the Facebook logo, but it has the qualities that Levi discussed.

When I say unique I mean they look crisp (pop out). They fit well to the company image. Don’t just focus on word only logo’s I’m really talking about graphic logos. Much of what Levi does looks the same appearance wise and they simply don’t stand out like many logos do. That’s all I’m saying. Not saying they are horrible at all just saying they don’t look like something someone paid good money for or took to much time on. Why do you think I’ve been harping at people for their site all this time. Many inspector sites looks like they were built over night instead of having that professional image to them like Juan has created. That’s where people needs to focus on. This is a techno age and many will hire you just by being impressed with your website believe it or not but you already know this because you have a great site. Just my two cents :wink:

This is no disrespect to Juan, but if you Google Wordpress templates, a ton of them look like his. It looks great, but it is not wholly unique. It’s the content that matters.

I know that my website is not the most professional looking, but it’s the content that works more than the visual appeal.

I think it’s the color palette of the NACHI logos that are real similar more than the logos themselves, but I am sure there is a reason for it.

If I remember right I paid some logo company that is probably out of business now $100 bucks for my logo. It hard to see all the details and fine print, but people do get that its a house made from a safe.

Just differing opinions Billy, but I think they are pretty dang good logos, and the guys can’t beat the price :slight_smile:

I happen to like mine, and I don’t know anyone else with one like it…

New Rest-Assured Logo.jpg

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Just to Chime in I mentioned last year that many logos had the exact same muted or beige color scheme which is why they look similar and it is after all clip art but this is what many graphic designers do.

Those that have received one have not complained and the service is free so why make Levi feel bad ?

He is combining them and it is not a full time job of his to do this so they are pretty good.

I challenge someone to take turns and pop in a few if allowed by NACHI to see what we all say.

What I have seen is at least geometric,clean,and usable.
Many new guys can not be artistic to come up with anything near as good.

Last but not least put those logos in a graphic software and change up the colors to see they are better than you think.

OK same logo with a color variation.
Get my point?

I’m not trying to make Levi feel bad. Guys it’s just my opinion but you have to understand I’m the most pickiest person on the face of the planet when it comes to appearance/business image. I will adjust space within text just to get the position I think looks best on my site. If I had to pay someone for the amount of times I’ve made changes to my logo/site I would be out of business, broke! I simply think Levi has more talent he’s not telling us about. At the same time I see Nick’s point that Levi is dealing with a bunch of middle aged men who wants to fly American flags on their logo so how do you make everyone happy you won’t and that’s why I never had Levi mess with my logo because if I got something like what everyone else is getting I wouldn’t be happy.

Billy I understand you are proud of your own creativity as am I but admit I feel bad even having made the faded color comment just because all artists and thinkers should be encouraged with so many others zombified into repetition and lack of original thought.