Hey, Dom, Give me a break!

I had a day off on the 1st, had an inspection today, have a house and a 4-plex tomorrow, and you’re flooding me with HIP updates!

Don’t you realize that this is supposed to be a “slow” time of year? I can’t keep up with you!

Hi Guys,** has been released. Yes, it’s only been a day since 2.5.7 . Isn’t beta fun, hehe. You can download it here:

Hey, it’s not MY fault! Mike Larson asked for the ability to change the thickness of the photo annotations like arrows, rectangles and circles this morning, so I added that as well as the ability to set a default annotation color.

Then I added a few features to make the program work better for people like Mark Timpani and their 800x600 resolution. Plus I made a few more improvements for the bulk photo import. Bob Elliot said it look like 10 seconds to import all his photos with the latest beta. Gotta keep you guys happy and on your toes!

Don’t worry, I promise the next update will have your ‘bullets’ ready for separating comments. Maybe by tomorrow or Friday. I’m already partially done.

Just because Mike wants his to be thicker, we gotta lose sleep?:wink: :roll: :smiley:

Actually Mike wanted them thinner :stuck_out_tongue:
Nobody said you have to stay up late at night playing with your new HIP toys. You told me you were going to sleep 3 hours ago. I figured you were still on Florida time. To remind you that you’re back in Idaho, look out the window and think of all the snow you need to shovel!

I looked outside. Some friend you are.
It’s snowing, so I’m going to bed so I can clear the 1/4 mile driveway in the AM for the home and 4-plex insp tomorrow.

G’night . . .

My play time and loss of sleep with my new toy is over time to put it to work did my three structure inspection today two houses and a commercial build and have booked two more today. Let see if I can smoke HIP tomorrow morning early have big plans for the new template,

Ha I got my first test of fire in today and am pleased.
I use doc lead ins for my links.
Came out lookin good.

Russ, have fun. Don’t worry I spent 10 years shoveling snow and will have to do so again when I move out of California soon enough.

Charley, how did your inspection today go? Send me an email with your report if you get a chance, I’d like to check it out since you’ve been making all your own templates!

Russ is kicking a$s and taking names in Idaho. He is busy with inspections every day.

That’s what I’ve heard too. Now with Jeanne being a full inspector as well they will cover twice the territory.

Just sent you a test run by pony express have a lot more editing to do on my template but I did get that report out with what I have formatted.

My phone has been ringing off the hook today hard to write reports but not complaining as I have booked inspections through next week two yesterday and four more today. Hope to have my template completed by the weekend

Right, Nick!
As you’ve said, If you’re not working, it’s because you’re not working!

A 4-Plex & 2 houses in last 2 days. Nice to make the house payment in the first day or 2 of the month!

Hey Charley,

The report looked great! The pony was a bit tired though. Glad to hear you’re all booked up. I had lunch with an inspector today here in California that did 3 inspections today and has a 10,000 sqft building tomorrow to do. He was just getting ready to start up his remodeling business again but now he’s booked solid for the next 2 weeks!

Russ did you get the link?

This was a new twist today-
RE agent has a buyer for this home, but their credit is crap.:frowning:
Buyer goes to this financial (loan :cool: shark?) guy, who has an investor who buys the house, then flips it to the agent’s buyer within 3 years.:wink:

MY client was the shark, protecting his investor:shock: . He expects to provide me with 5-10 inspections a month. Nice guy!:mrgreen:

Just came in, about to look at it, Bob.

Hang on to your seat - I’m downloading at 5.53 kb / second.

Patience . . .

Nick didn’t say that! My wise old grandmother did! Darn margaritas. :margarit:

You’ll need a little more than patience at that speed. Even though the reports are super optimzied and only around 1 meg, you’re going to need to go get a beer or two while you wait :mrgreen:

RR, the double-nickel birthday hits in 7 days.
I’m lucky to remember the quote, much less who said it!

Sure Granny didn’t have a thing going on with a PA feller?
Maybe that’s where Nick heard it . . .:wink:

Hi Russ,

Could you email me a sample report you made using Dom’s software when you get a chance someday?