Hey, Everybody

I love the inspector forum!

Hey,me as well :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard , Read and learn help when you feel confident .
All the best … Roy

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Only 1 inspection for me today. Driving down a mountain, going around a sharp curve and this young kid was 1/2 way on my side of the road and ran me off the road. Other than that, a really good day. I always say stay safe out there and after today that goes for driving to and from an inspection.

Glad you did , you might have saved someone life .

Just an FYI, While I try and be friendly and appreciate everyones replies I am not writing these post so please do not think I am crazier than I actually am or off my meds. I am having an issue with getting the CMI logo in my signature and I think Ben is working on it. That being said…

HI Everyone and have a great night.

Hi Willy!