Just made CMI

Thanks NACHI for everthing.



Good Job Ken. I hope you share some of the knowledge you’ve gained in earning that designation with others here on the message board!

Congrats Ken! Good to know that knowledge equal title…use it for the best,


Way to go Ken. Conratulations!

Congrats Ken!

Congratulations Ken.:slight_smile:

Congrats! The first inspection I performed today was because her last inspector was a CMI.

Way to go Ken!

Way to go Ken!

All the best,

You joined in 07 and only posted 4 times? We need you here more buddy! Congrats.

Nice Job!



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Congrats Ken.

I didn’t make CMI today!

But I did made $1,769 on one inspection today though…

…Thanks to NACHI!

I also got two inspection requests through the NACHI portal while I was doing that inspection!

Maybe some day I can take the time to work at CMI! :wink:

Congrats Ken!

Thanks Nick, and all that contribute!

Kudos - Hats off to you :slight_smile:

Al in TN

Congrats…Welcome to the club !