Im just trying to see if this will post.

Hello and welcome Bill…

Welcome bill

Nope…it didn’t make it in:D:D:D

Welcome to the madhouse BJ…=D>=D>

Thank you James, for the reply.Im not sure how to work this message board.So any suggestions you might have would gladly be appriaceted. Again thanks for the response. Bill K

play with it a bit and try things Bill most of it will come into place fairly easy…if you run into any specific questions just ask and you will get an answer shortly…along with about a million smart azz comments…most here are helpful and harmless…the ones that don’t seem that way right off the bat may take a while to get used to…stick around you can learn a lot here

Thanks James , still very new to this board and really dont know how to use this yet. Im trying to figure this out but you know how that goes. I do have one question, I have been a cci inspector for about two years now. I just did this thing with nachi within the past two weeks how does this work. I HAVE PASSED THE SOP, STRUCTURAL, AND THE PLUMBING COURSES so far but where does that really leave me? Im getting ready to take the mold examine but will that certify me to do what? I cant seem to get answers from anywhere. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. Again thanks for talking to me. Thank You Bill K.

Hi Bill…You can take all the tests-courses you want, the word “Certify” thingie is just a word, you can do anything you want when ever you want, if you know what your doing.

Apparently you live in an unlicensed state and you want to use the word “Certified” in your marketing material perhaps, or tell folks your “Certified?”…I don’t really know what your particular reason for needing to know what inspection(s) you can perform. This is an inspection association, the word Certified just means you passed what Nick (the owner of the association) set forth as a prerequisite to belong to NACHI…nothing more.

Please don’t think that these on-line courses are going to make you a knowledgeable home inspector in just a few weeks.

I highly suggest that you get out there with other inspectors and obtain some extensive hands-on training. This is very crucial when it comes to inspecting a home and walking home buyers through their prospective home.