Hey Fellow Ca Inspectors

Hows it going out there for all of you? Ca section been pretty dead so all of you must be supper busy…lol…

Hey Brianlook at our post number. we are both at 1,107 to date… What a trip.

Real Estate is very slow in the north bay…like most parts of the bay area. Some inspectors are very busy and others have no work. Its a market share thing…

If I only did HI. work i would be dead. But i have the IR. Termite inspection and termite treatments along with General pest control services. ants, spiders, Rats and things… Along with playing Music in my band.

In this market one should not put all his eggs in one basket…

Happy thanksgiving to all…

Hosea.4:6 My people parish for lack of knowledge …
…You could fill in the blank_________…(Planning)Education.Hard work. Saving.



Had a couple last week, get phone calls, my competitors must be doing them for less then I will

The only “slow” month this year was September (42 inspections for the month), but even that wasn’t too bad. This will be my best November ever.

Thats just because your still young and good looking Jeff…:mrgreen:



I haven’t had any this month yet. Even though I’m new to this since July I haven’t gotten much work yet. Been working full time also for a contractor but now our season is over due to snow. Now I can do more marketing with hopes of some results.

Justin, you really need to go over our message board, animated & written tutorials and spend more time on your website. There aren’t too many inspectors up in Big Bear and the few that I know there aren’t doing too bad right now. But you have to have your site driving traffic to you. Like you said, now’s the time to work on marketing :wink:

Dominic is correct. But do that stuff at night. use the day light being out and about talking to the gate keepers aka Rear Estate agents…

I’m Sitting # 1 and the phone is not ringing.



P.S. Dom you see any place im lacking on my site.



Log out of Google. I see you as #4 below the map for Santa Rosa Home Inspector and not on the maps at all.

Yes, no blogs, news feeds, photo galleries, or links (I’m looking at http://santarosacahomeinspection.com/ which is #4).

You need to integrate your keywords into your site more. Santa Rosa is only on the home page twice.

Go over our seo articles you got quite a bit to get done.

Dom other inspectors have said the same thing to me. I am just not good with computer language.

You have to get out there and shake the bushes…if you want your phone to keep ringing…Yes your web site will help however Ron is right if you need a quick boost to get the ball going your local real estate co’s will be your best imo…Thats what I did when I first started and 10 years later I still do that same thing. I do not market as much as I want to however if you do not you will die on the vine as they say. There are inspections out there you just have to go get them… I ve only been back doing hi for two years now and even in this down market there are insp out there…good luck and keep after it!

Yeah I have flooded the RE offices in my area with cards, handshakes and presentation. I live in a small town and all the RE’s use the same HI’s they have been using for years. So I need to get out there off of this mountain I live on and do some marketing in the surrounding areas.

again just my 2 cents…if you are thinking your web site is going to gain you all this work you have another thing coming imo…in this market its all about word of mouth and who you know!.. Agents talking to agents has been my best markting…once you get your foot in the door its off to the races then…sure alot of guys on here will talk s hit about markting to agents but that is really where its at…you can say what you want but it works!

Brian I agree with you. So far I have gotten only 1 from my website and all the others are from knocking and talking.

That’s pretty good for a 3 month old site with no optimization. You don’t need to know computers, just ask the 60-70 year old guys on here that have #1 ranking on Google. Focus on blogs, photo galleries and exchanging links. You need to spruce up your page, no graphics makes for a boring site.

Maybe you should just sort of maybe run over a few of those old timers.:twisted:
You know, just break a leg or whatever. give you a couple of months to get your foot in the door.;-):wink: LOL, just kidding. did I say that?