Going Nuts!

Is anyone else seeing a HUGE increase in business right now? Things are just going NUTS! Kind of reminds me of the good old days back in 03-05 :mrgreen:

InterNACHI was generally slow last week. Then today we got slammed. Steady phone calls all day and the phone is still ringing. 16 new members. Well over 2,000 emails. Many hundreds of courses taken. Site traffic heavy.

I have people begging me to keep next Tuesday open for them until 5:00 tomorrow night so they can get their Inspection Contingency Period extended so I’ll inspect the house…I told him I’m booked solid until next Tuesday—Yep, it’s crazy out there…!!

Email I just got.

Gotta Love It…!!!

Yes ,same here.
I am only limited by my report time damit.

Working everyday after 3 weeks with nothing.

Whats up with that?

Same here June 1-10 only did 3
10th and after booked everyday and now out over a week and it keeps building…whats next…

Just enjoy while you can.

I have been sick for the last month and the first day I felt better was getting calls up the yahoo.

Must be something to that law of attraction stuff (go figure)

Same here

You been listen to KT (Kevin Trudeau) he’s in your back yard!:mrgreen:

Yep, late at night I saw that and the next morning the phone starting ringing.
All of a sudden I am getting calls from people I have not heard from in ages and jobs are all off referrals.
Even a draw Inspection company called for first time in a long time.:smiley:

Just finished a report,Two confirmations an email from a referral ,a testimonial sent from Friday’s (a Doctor)and need to start tonights report then on way home booked another for afternoon tomorrow.

Even had an inspector buddy send me info for a permanent Insurance Inspection gig with benefits if I want it yesterday.
Had nothing for almost a month till Friday when I felt well enough to work.

Only told a few people how sick I was as I could barely get out of bed.

Good to hear that Condo…!!

Gald to here your getting better…Hang in there brother inspector;-)

same thing here, slow then the phone starts to ring. with all the rain Mold inspections are in demand.

I have steady mold calls now again. The month before was pretty sad. April was my best month ever.

Just booked another for 7 days in a row.

Hey Brian,

Our Market hear in the Central valley and Bay Area of California has been really good for almost a year. I hope this continues. I am up 35% this year over last year. I hope it lasts!

Industry consolidation.