Hey ISN, when is the ISN event in Vegas?

I’m a speaker there.

Do you have a link to the event?

Who is welcome to attend?

Hi Nick and thanks for asking. The 2.5 day event will be in Florida in November 2016. We are doing the site visit in about three weeks and then we will make the big announcement once the hotel is finalized. The hotel is holding the date but we need to make sure before we send out more information. Tentative dates are November 11th, 12th and 13th!
To answer your question everyone is welcome always! The list of speakers like yourself that have already said they would love to speak are amazing!

Can’t wait to see all of our inspector friends from all over the country here in Florida!
We are putting together a tremendous show that will be filled with tons of value and success strategies! Stay tuned!

I got a brother that recently moved to the Tampa area, so my girlfriend and I will probably be going. It will be nice to see you again, Dan and Michelle. Vegas does not have a beach, so I was not interested.

What I meet by my girlfriend going is, she will be most likely be relaxing again in a five star hotel, while I am at the conference.

Oh, I thought it was in Vegas. OK! I’ll be there.

Is Nov 2016 the correct date or is it this year?

November 2016 is correct.

Hello everyone:

The event “Inspection Fuel” put on by the team at ISN is in Melbourne Florida (about 1 hour out of Orlando) in November 2016
Check out the website for speakers, vendors, live music and more! 30% sold out already

See you there!