We're bringing Inspection Universe to Orlando, Florida in March of 2016.

The dates of the conference are March 13-16th, 2016 in Orlando. http://www.nachi.org/universe2016.htm


So, how exactly do you ‘brine’ a conference? :-k

That looks familiar :wink:

Finally coming to my area :smiley:


:cool:Awesome :cool:

Can’t wait for the event schedule to be posted

You guys should plan on this one. Florida has a strong membership.

Outstanding! Now, let’s get some groundbreaking, revenue generating, advanced education courses!

Making reservations today,…AWESOME!

Corteney Callis
Patriot Inspection Services

I was hoping you could provide some clarification, is it a Internachi event or an Inspection Universe event?

How are they connected?

I own 1/2 of Inspection Universe. JM of PRO-LAB owns the other 1/2. That’s how they are connected. Read: http://www.inspectionconference.com/about-2/ We purchased it from Casey and O’Malley a few years ago.

JM handles the general sessions, the exhibitor hall, food, and fanfare. I handle the business success speakers, marketing presentations, and technical instructors. PRO-LAB handles hotel accommodations for the instructors. I handle their speaking fees and travel arrangements. I’ll be building the website for the upcoming Florida Inspection Universe. PRO-LAB built the one for Vegas. I also handle getting all the continuing education approvals from government agencies, other inspection associations, BPI, ICC, etc. Scroll down in http://www.nachi.org/inspection-conference-las-vegas-2015.htm

We don’t call it the InterNACHI Convention or the PRO-LAB Convention because it isn’t. It is an international industry event. Other inspection associations and other laboratories have booths there and make presentations there. We welcome exhibitors and presenters who offer products and services that compete with ours.

Inspection Universe is now the largest event in the inspection industry and growing each year.

Looking forward to it.


Did you take drafting?

Yea but my printing has deteriorated over the years.

Wonderful! Can’t wait!

Nick, you didn’t mention who is handling the arrangements for the conference hotel, this cheap bastard from NH would prefer a “value” location that saves a little money…I am not interested in the highest priced fancy name location. Just saying.

Mark if you can afford $90 to $120 a night hotels they are available within 1/2 mile or closer to the convention center get on line and do your home work and book now ! I don’t know how much less affordable you can get than that without staying in a tent :wink: