Hey Jim C

Appears we have our own private;-) little chat area. I had a call this evening about a possible job in OKC mercy hospital area 500K new construction. Client may be wanting a inspction before they close builder has walls that are not square and or plumb do you want to ride along if I get it, be after thanksgiving

Absolutely. I would like to see some commercial work.

Not commercial just a big home, buyers are in Houston and I am waiting for a call from them

Ok, thought the 550k was footage for some reason!! Still would like to go along.

Charley - What IR you using??

Dan I have the FLIR T 360 same as the 400 except no video

Ever seen the clarity of it compared to the Fluke Ti32.

Just curious

Yes I have compared images between the two they both are very close but personally I think the flir has just a bit of an edge. Bill Warner and Duff both have the Fluke

Jim appears I will be on Sugar Hill east of Edmond on Old Route 66 next week. Moisture intrusion home that I have been on 3 times in the past, it is near completion and they want a final moisture check

Wanta go let me know

Let me know when. If I’m free, I would enjoy it.

Suppose to have rain in that area Wed and Thur I am planning on Friday if all works as planned. I am messing with mother nature

Sounds good

Charley, I will not be able to go tomorrow. The weather caused me some delays and I have a full day.

Jim I am in Edmond tomorrow full house inspection and moisture intrusion on a 1 year warranty