IR inspection in Alvin TX, 77511

Hey Guys,

I will be doing an inspection on a house for friends of mine in Alvin TX
The 3000sqf country house is a foreclosure and they think it hasn’t been inhabited (at least by humans) for at least a year.

Originally, the inspection was going to be this Friday, but they found out today they are still waiting on water sampling results (they are on a well), so it might be postponed until sometime next week.

I recommended them to get an IR inspection done on it as well. (I still don’t know if they will to go with it)
Anyway, if they agree to it, would any of you be interested?
I’m not qualified to offer that service but am really interested in it.
You’d get paid by the client and free lunch on me.

Chuck Evans is a NACHI member and a Level III thermographer. Give him a call.

Appreciate it Linas!

Chuck Evans without a doubt…

Talked with him. He’s a little too far North.
But Jim Hime is the winner to this time!

I think Chuck is a little beyond the home inspection thing when it comes to IR. I’m sure Jim will get the job done.

Thank you for the referral guys and for the call Will. This one is a bit far for a residential job. It would wind up being prohibitively expensive for the client by the time I made the drive.

Jim will do a great job. Tag along with him if you get the opportunity.Tell Jim I said hi.

Will do, I appreciated your help today!