Hey members in Indiana. I shipped you all something today.

It might take a week to get there. It includes an invitation to this free inspection marketing event being hosted by InterNACHI in Indianapolis: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f25/free-home-inspector-marketing-workshop-indianapolis-indiana-feb-24-2015-a-97117/

Be there!

I also included a hard copy of my Inspection Success book in the package.

Thank you! Signed up last week!

Ill drive down and check it out. Sounds great. Thanks!

Can’t wait, I’ll be there!

Thanks Nick

Looking forward to it.

Did anyone get their package and invite yet?

Not yet been waiting by the window every time the delivery guy drives by!

Got mine yesterday. Thank you very much!

got mine today Nick! Thanks! Looking forward to next week here in Indianapolis.

Still waiting on mine, looking forward to the class next week!