My latest book is being shipped to every member in Wisconsin this week. Enjoy.

Also, with the book we’re including a free copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book 9th edition:

Also, with the books we’re including a reminder to the upcoming 1-day Wisconsin Inspector Conference:

The packages should arrive at your door by the end of next week.

What are we orphans in Florida? :slight_smile:

Did you come to the recent Orlando or Venice Beach events? We gave every attendee one.

Awesome, Thanks Nick…

No, I was working on my gimpy foot trying to make a buck before the hellish heat takes over.

You would have known if I was there :slight_smile:

Even to those members who are no longer inspecting?

Yep, retired members, vendor members, student members, office manager members,… every member in Wisconsin getting a pack.

Looking forward to it…thanks

Very Cool Thanks Nick!!


Thanks Nick

Got them all out the door today. Let me know if you get yours next week by posting here please.

Nothing arrive here.

That’s strange, Nick said in post #7 that every Wisconsin inspector would receive a copy whether that actually performed inspections or not.


If any member completes reading Nicks new book and would like to send it to a fellow member, pm me and I will pay for the shipping.


Shipped one to every member in Wisconsin. Only about 10 were returned for bad addresses. We used whatever address they had in their

Michael, did you get yours?


I think most everything we send you comes back, Michael. All of your Christmas prizes got returned too. I think everyone else got theirs though (except for maybe 10 returns).

Funny. But no true.

Shame on you Nick.

You have my correct address and it has never been a problem before.

I receive stuff from NACHI all the time.

I thought you just emailed me a couple months ago about a case of books that got returned? I had to reship it again. That email wasn’t from you?