HG & Mac's

(Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI) #1

We bought a Mac because grandkids use it at their school and thought when they come here OR we go there it might be useful.

Contrary to what people have told us … To us its NOT intuitive or user friendly. The only thing intuitive is the power cord and on/off button.

Thought I’d download HG and play with it on there as I’ve heard others say the used HG on a Mac.

When I downloaded HG, I got a message telling me that they were not Windows compatible … Is there something else you have to do before downloading HG

(Larry Kage, CMI) #2

I don’t know about Home Gauge but when we bought our Macs there were about 10 or 12 free 1 to 1 1/2 hour classes to familiarize new users with the Macs and setting, etc.

Are you taking the classes, if your store offers them?

If not ask your grandkids. :smiley:

(Dominic DAgostino, CMI HI3957) #3

Homegauge doesn’t run on Mac OS.
You can load Parallels, or another Windows emulator.


(Robert Melendez) #4

I have a Mac and Parallel is installed. HG works just fine. It’s like having the best of both worlds PC and Mac in one computer.

(Kenton Shepard, CMI) #5

Same here. And as far as office and other applications that offer versions for both operating systems, they’re pretty much the same. The location of commends is a little different. I made the switch from PC to Mac while I was in InterNACHI’s office every day and it’s a big help to have someone handy to answer questions when you first make the switch.

After about 8 years on a PC and now 10 years on a Mac I much prefer Macs, mainly because I no longer have the virus problem that I had with PCs, and they’re better for dealing with images and video.

It really depends on where you are, too. Some parts of the country are still PC heavy.