Apple Verison of HG


When do you plan on making HG compatible with Apple computers, That means running on Mac’s not running some windows based software on your Mac

I’m not going to say never, but there are no plans at this moment. There needs to be a lot more inspectors to use Mac and while its very popular in the population, Windows by far is the most popular among inspectors. It would be a total rewrite of code and on going maintenance.

I think that there are a significant number of Mac users already who may simply overlook your software due this issue. I use a Mac and almost didn’t get HG because of it. I tried using Parellels and it slowed my system to a crawl, making it impractable to use. I had a family member buy a new machine and gave me their old pc, otherwise I wouldn’t be using HG. Mac is here and gaining market share over PC. I’d bet that you are losing a great deal more than you think by not offering it.

Most business software is made for PC. That’s just the way it is.

I know we lose sales too. We are growing and currently our sales are better this year than last etc. but several inspectors have told me they can’t switch because they love Mac. Even if it costs them time. Just recently I had a person email me:

Hi there, I have a new macbook which I won’t replace any time soon. This program will not work on my laptop without me having to install additional software. I would like to delete my account and work with an inspection app that services the OS X and iOS customers without the need to purchase expensive add-ons. Would you please delete my account— I am not ready to switch my business to HomeGauge yet.

and I said:
If HomeGauge could save you 30 minutes an inspection (which amounts to several hours a week), help your business grow by the thousands (with our web presentations, video in the report etc.), would you give all that up to use a mac or would you buy a windows laptop dedicated to your report writing? You can still use your mac for your personal use.

He said:
Regarding your note, I haven’t used Microsoft products since ten years ago and would not use another if I could help it. In short, the answer is no, thirty minutes per inspection isn’t worth throwing out a perfectly good and new machine (which btw, I purchased for the business) so that I could use a single product/ software. Plus fiddling between devices it’s cumbersome, so perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place. You tone is a little condescending and I am sorry if this is offends you, perhaps you ought to be a little more considerate towards clients. My business decision may be silly as seen from your perspective, however it is mine to make.

I responded:
I didn’t mean to sound condescending and I do appreciate your honest answer. My tone I thought was middle of the road. It could be that your answer surprises yourself too?

The home inspector market is very small and the majority still use windows or we would consider making it in Mac which would be a huge undertaking to start code from scratch. If there was enough we would consider it.

Thank you for evaluating HomeGauge.

…I admit I was a little forward but I wanted an honest answer. Thing is…If HG could save 30 minutes times two inspections a day or 5 hours a week, then that is 5 hours of his life every week he could spend on the mac doing whatever he wants and not writing the same reports.

Maybe you should learn how to run a Mac.
I’ve run HomeGauge on a Mac for several years now using Parallels without one single problem.
I’ve been using HomeGauge for about 9 years now.
No complaints.

No need to be a a-hole and personally attack me Linus. A machine running slowly has nothing to do with my abilities to operate it. I was simply stating that Macs are not going away. I understand that PC’s have dominated the business market in the past, but it’s changing. PC’s are too prone to viruses and the trend is changing. Companies have to adapt to market trends or they will lose business. Simple fact. Not many people are going to buy a new computer in order to run 1 specific program. I wouldn’t.

Unless I’m wrong Linas text was harsh but I don’t think he intended to personally attack. Some computers are not as powerful as others etc.

I own Windows, Android, Ipad and I wouldn’t pick software based on the hardware I hold in my hand. I look for the software I want, then go get the hardware I need. But I know that is not true for everyone.

I wasn’t personally attacking you or calling you an asshole.
As they say, “it takes on to know one”.
The solution to your problem is simple…
Learn how to run that Mac or stick to a simple PC.

How about instead of going this route, you offer some tips on how a novice Mac user, such as myself, can get the software to run proficiently on mine. As I stated, I tried Parallels and it ran extremely slow. From what I’ve read, when using Parallels the system is actually running both operating systems simultaneously. Are you using bootcamp or some other package? How would you recommend set up to make it run faster?

I purchased a used Lenovo Thinkpad (Core i7) off Craigslist for $150
They have new PC laptops starting at around $300 on Best Buy.
You have options.

I’ve always used Apple computers …but because HomeGauge is the best software out there I had to buy a PC. I’m happy I did.

I shut down all non-essential Mac programs and just run Parallels and HomeGauge. It’s just that simple.

Why not just create an iOS app that allow you to completely finish the report. Then no need for desktop software. Apps not desktop based software are the future, even on Windows.

So you have the same problem, but probably a newer/better Mac. It slows it down - like I said. Thanks for your input Linus. Has anyone tried running it using Bootcamp willing to give feedback? From my research it sounds like it would run better because instead of it running 2 operating systems simultaneously, you switch from IOS to Windows to run pc programs, and then have to switch back. It means logging in and out both times, but sounds like it speeds things up.

Kevin, I have used it with both bootcamp and parallels. Bootcamp does work better because the OS is utilizing all of the computers resources. It will run like a fast windows laptop.

Thanks for the info Larry. I appreciate it.