Hi from Andy, InterNACHI Graphic Designer!

Andy, Nice stuff in your portfolio. Cant wait to see what you guy’s have planned. Welcome.
Nick it is great to be associated with such energy.

Great ideas, Nick and great portfolio, Andy!

Hi Andy, maybe you can do something with the logo that I have uploaded on Nick’s thread about a new Ontario Logo in “Canadian inspectors”

Hey Nick,
would you pay my move down there if I got the PR job?

Very excited to see the new brochures! Great to have a graphic designer on board, Thanks Nick!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the kind words and I can’t wait to have our designs ready to show off-

If you are ever bored (and who has the time to be bored these days?!) you can read my college comic strip ‘Don’t Panic!’ at www.moorecomics.com

Welcome aboard Andy!

Welcome Andy, and good luck. I’m impressed with your portfolio. Looking forward to see what you bring forward.

Nice work Andy. Good to have you on board.