Hi-Velocity Heating Sytem

I’m starting to see more of these “hi-velocity” heating systems in my area - wall mounted on-demand gas fired heater, air handler, holding tank, and usually an HRV. Anything particular to watch for?
I removed one of the covers from the 3" air delivery tube but I couldn’t see any way to adjust the airflow.




You do not adjust the air flow on these, if somebody tries it will throw the system off balance and the duct work will start making noise. This system evenly pressurizes the house. The temperature between three levels of the home should be no more than one degree such as the basement and the second story of the home. It is a very quiet system you should not hear any air out of the ducts. I use to own a heating and cooling company that sold the UNICO brand. You have to take a class and get certified to install them. Very high dollar system. The price starts out at about $40,00 for an average size home.

You can use any kind of forced air type heating and cooling system with a high velocity duct system. Such as, if it is a boiler system you will need to run it through a coil.

Just like a SpacePak, but for heat.