High efficiency furnace venting

I don’t see a lot of HE furnaces in the tract homes around here, but most have an intake in the attic and exhaust through the roof or the intake as a downward ‘J’ at the roof near the vertical exhaust vent.

This one was a 2015 Carrier 59SP5A with intake and exhaust together vented to the exterior. Appeared to be an aftermarket ‘diversitech’ style or concentric vent kit. I wasn’t able to find in the furnace installation manual where these vents were acceptable or not. Any insight on this installation?


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pg 12 shows what a concentric vent kit is, but doesn’t specify use of it. If they show it in the manual without a big ‘X’ over it, I suppose it’s fine.

Looks typical.

I haven’t seen any HE furnaces in a while. I am located in st. charles, Mo. Good luck on the install.

What is that puddle of water in the aux drain pan?

May have something to do with the vent operation.

No water, that’s simply an area of dust that has been disturbed.
That install is absolutely fine …

Call a Carrier Distributor or Dealer and ask.

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