High Efficient Furnace Vent?

High Efficient Goodman Furnace venting doesn’t look right. New construction, search internet found nothing like this.

Did you look up the make and model installation instructions to se if it can vent up through a flat roof…and how?

If the center pipe was cut down some, a cap like this may work: Drum & Barrel | Faucets, Gauges & Vents | Gizmo Vent Cap VC-S-1.5 - Slip Mount - 1.5" | B769818 - GlobalIndustrial.com

It looks like how a concentric vent through the side wall operates.

But it does look like it is missing a cap of sorts.

Don’t know for sure. :-k

yes, most showed intake and exhaust separated. Intake with 90’s on top.

Not installed properly.
The space between the inner and outer pipe is the intake and there is no way to get drain any moisture that will get in.
A concentric vent is required or elbows that must be installed per the manufacturers specifications.

Not that you will indicating how to repair but the short turn PVC 90 elbows take 5’ in vent length and the long sweep 90 elbows take 3’, from max length allowed.

Terrill, Scott knows his HVAC stuff well. Listen to him.

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Thanks guys

Indeed Larry, all is well. Thank you!

It was missing a one of these

concentric vent.jpg