Proper Vent - High Eff. Gas Furnace

Is this vent/air intake configuration proper for a high efficiency gas furnace?


Your picture is unclear… Are you refering to the ducting on the left or the white pvc on the right?.. Where is this high efficient furnace in relation to the venting you are refering to…etc.? The pvc looks like a waste line or central vac piping. In this area … we use black abs for waste lines.



May be OK if the install called for a concentric vent.

I was just thinkin of that… and I agree with you Joe. However… can these be installed horizontally? Or is this picture upside down and sidways?.. Studs or Joist?.. they look like joist to me.


Why is there wye in it? In my area pvc and abs are permitted. One line for combustion line, and another line for exhaust. Never have seen a wye.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Goodman DCVK-20
2 Inch Horizontal/Vertical Concentric Vent


Its a pipe within a pipe… double walled. So the exhaust venting is separate from the outside air intake. The wye separates them so to attach the proper pipes to the respective location on the furnace.


Thanks, that makes sense.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I believe with this particular one the straight out pipe is the exhaust and the wye is the combustion intake back to the furnace. A pipe in a pipe there to the exterior.

I sure you already know but not all high efficiency furnaces are the same.
Each make and model must be installed according to the manufacture’s installation instructions that come with each particular unit.

They should slope back towards the unit so condensation flows back to the unit and not freeze at the outdoor termination.