High Efficiency Venting

I found this the other day during an inspection. I am not sure what to make of why this is here. Is this a big problem or what this just put here just because.





Tom is that air intake on bottom for a cat 4 furnace?

That’s what it looks like, which is wrong.

They were trying to redirect it .
Guessing all the rust is from corrosive exhaust.

The bottom one is the Vent. The intake was on the top. I talked to my Brother in law who does HVAC…and he was saying how if you look at the metal pipe and how it rusted from the vent, just think how that is being brought into the exchanger. If nothing more that will cause that unit to fail much sooner then normal.

It looks like it was one of them jobs…Hey my buddy knows a guy who watched a video a few years ago on how to instal a furnace, I will call him he knows this kind of thing.

If the exhaust is below the intake, as it looks, that is wrong.

Very easy to fix. Manufacturers instructions a few fittings and a bit of pipe.

The exhaust gets sucked into the intake. The pressure drop causes it to quickly freeze and block the intake with a snowball, shutting it down…