Some great IR finds!

I did a pre-listing inspection yesterday house I expected many years ago and found these:

[size=2]There were two bay windows at the front of the house that had the same condition and the same cause.

The client had a repair done on moisture intrusion and felt that the situation had been corrected and no longer existed (other than a bleeding water stain through the ceiling paint).

Moisture meter: 90% Rh

Inadequate caulking around windows and brick veneer cracking was never addressed in the repair. Silicone was utilized to repair where the contractor believed the leak to be at the copper roof to brick veneer flashing.

They just never looked up!:shock:

This is the same house. Client could not locate the source of this leak and assumed it was no longer active.
Mold and water staining was on both sides of the wall. Moisture meter: 100% Rh

Further “intrusive inspection” disclosed a detached bathroom ventilator blowing on the sewer vent stack. Source of moisture: condensation.

Nice work, David!!


Thank you Sir, I’m happy!!

I don’t get too many moisture problems in the houses I inspect, I was starting to wonder!?

I think it is great atht you not only found the problem, but took the time to crawl the attic and find the cause.

If you would have just deferred it to a “professional” the problem would probably still be there the next time you inspected the house :mrgreen: