High res tile photos needed!

I need high resolution photographs of clay and concrete tile problems for the roof course. I’m hoping for photos of damage from the following sources:

  • footfall
  • hail
  • wind
  • delamination
  • biological growth
  • trees
  • improper fastening
  • manufacturing defects
  • failed adhesives
  • spalling
  • poor installation
  • slippage
  • improper exposure
  • weathering

I’ll be happy to credit anyone who contributes. Please e-mail to kenton@internachi.org

I don’t see many here but I just sent you a few.

Thanks Robert!

I have bunches o stuff. I’ll look around






Thanks Tim. There just aren’t that many homes with tile roofs around here. Most of them are high end with roofs in good shape.
These are the kinds of things I’m looking for but the resolution’s on the low side. These are to support Voiceovers, so each photo is the only thing the viewer sees on the screen.

I got at least 100 pictures of defects a fairly new concrete tile job on a duplex, I can email you.

Man, that would be great, James! You can use yousendit.com to send larger files.

Please e-mail to kenton@internachi.org

I can’t find them right now. But I will look after my mold remediation clearance today.

I put it in a zip file and emailed it to you.

I do not have any clay tiles pictures though.

James Braun and Tim Spargo … Thanks so much for the tile photos! I haven’t had a chance to go through them yet, but with this many photos I’m sure I’ll find some that will help and I wanted to thank you both right away.


Glad to help.

are you interested in any pictures of a defective 100+ year old slate roof?
If so let me know and I’ll send you some. Pete

Absolutely, Pete! There are even fewer slate roofs here than tile and most of them are on high-end homes and in good shape. The older and uglier the better for my purposes.

I sent them over, hope they work out for you. Not sure on resolution though.

They’re great Pete, thanks!

My pleasure.