Tenting and tile damage

Recently, I’ve become aware of inspectors being blamed for failing to report tile damage on roofs. In two of three cases, the residences were tented in preparation for fumigation, and there is little doubt in the minds of the inspectors that this is when the tile damage occured. For this reason, I’ve added the following narrative to my report-writer that prints automatically, and you’re welcome to all or any part of it:
“Most residences have termite inspections as a condition of escrow, and when termite infestation is confirmed most are commonly tented in preparation for fumigation. This requires personnel to walk on the roof, which can damage the roofing material. Therefore it is essential that you review the termite report, and if the residences is to be tented that you have a local roofing company inspect the roof after the tenting has been removed to confirm that the roofing material did not sustain damage.”


I haven’t seen a building tented here since the 80’s.

What do I know? I live in La-la-land.

Yeah, god knows what they might be putting a tent over a building for (in LA)…:smiley:

Could be most anything I guess…:smiley:

Maybe drywood termites Keith, I haven’t heard of anyone seeing or having them here for a long time, they might be thick in your neck of the woods…:smiley:

It occurs often here.

Thank you for the narrative Keith!


There have been past threads on reporting roof tile damage. I dont want this to turn into an arguemnt on who does or does not walk the roof. I personallyh walk every roof and take pictures of all damages and previous repairs. IF you are doing your own roof inspections, this should cover you.

Now, as for increasing our profits, it may not be a bad idea to let the buyer know that termite companies can cause damage to the roof tiles and suggest another fee paid inspection.

Bill, agreed. I walk every roof and take pictures, providing it is safe to do so. I provided the “narrative idea” for the (probably) thousands of inspectors who don’t photo-document.

Thanks Keith,
I personally do walk a tiled roof, in cause I damage some tiles. I do however use a ladder on every side of the house take photos.

We do not walk on tile roofs, due to personal experience performing repairs as a contractor. You can and will eventually break a tile…

And I frquently see homes tented here, thanks for the insight keith

At 250 lbs. I don’t walk tile roofs. That snapping sound makes my wallet quiver. I take pictures of all sides of the roof from a ladder and include them in my report to document the general condition of the roof at the time of the inspection.

We have solar contractors, termite tenters, and other repairmen who follow us and any of them can and often do walk incorrectly and break tiles. Pictures have helped me more than once.

Good narrative for those who don’t take pictures. :smiley: