Hillsborough County Permit Search

Hey Guys,

Does anybody have a better site to look up Permits for Hillsborough County? I always have problems finding permits there. The Pasco site is much better as far as I am concerned. Any help would be appreciated!! I have been using this: https://www.velocityhall.com/accela/velohall/index.cfm?CITY=HILLSBOROUGH%20COUNTY&STATE=FLORIDA

I thought you were on vacation???

I am… just tying up some loose ends… Going to Belize on Friday morning :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mike, I will! Not fishing, maybe a little snorkeling on the reef, but mostly visiting my Son, Daughter-In-Law, and Grandkids who are already down there. They own some property inland there and have built a house/cabin.

Thanks, but I have not had much luck with that site… or I am just dumb…lol. I wish they would use the format Pasco uses, it’s so user friendly!

I always use the velocity hall and haven’t had any issues. Its the one they told me to use when I called the building dept… weird.

I guess I’m not using it right because I rarely can get any results there. Is there a secret or something? What the hell am I doing wrong??

Make sure the property is in unincorporated Hillsborough for VelocityHall. If in Tampa city limits, you use the Tampa permit site. You can find out if in Tampa or not thru the Hillsborough PAO site.

Use the address search on the right side of the page, not the left.

try that
use the address block

can u help with the break down of CE credits
which apply to each category
The continuing education must include: 2 hours in building systems; 6 hours in general; 2 hours in hurricane mitigation; 2 hours in inspection methods; 1 hour in reporting; and 1 hour in professional practice