Pinellas County FL, Permit Search

Doing a 4 point in Pinellas County. Does anyone know where to find proof of permits pulled? One site I found says this info is no longer given. Trying to expand further South. Any help would be GREAT! Thanks.

Steven Milek
Attention To Detail Home Inspections, LLC

Hey Steve

Go down the left side until you “online permitting” click, you can search by address.
It can be a pain though South Main Ave. could be Main Ave South or maybe no south at all.
Also some cities in the county do there own permitting and some go to the county.
I have been trying bookmark links ahead of time for county or cities but have not got too far yet.
Some like Dunedin, do there own permitting but only current active permits are available online…useless!

Thanks Ed, How has buisness been for you?


Slow…but picking up month by month. Home sales about 99% foreclosure or short sale.
I sure would like to walk into a home that was lived in and maintained by the owner and get outta there in 2 hours!

I here that. Im lucky if I get 5 a month. Mostly short and foreclosure here also. At this rate I’ll never be able to quit my full time job!

Stay at it…it will happen

Go to that is the property appraiser site. On the left click search database by address. Only type in the house # and zip code. At the bottom of that page will show if there is any permit info.

Hey Steve, just watch out for Pinellas County, I know P Park has their own building dept and does not report to the County Site. Clearwater city/beach has their own permitting site as do most of the beaches down the coast (none online except Belleair Beach which is on the county site). City of St. Petersburg has their own site that works only in Internet Explorer and Tarpon Springs and Safety Harbor also have their own sites Internet Explorer only but you have to have the permit number to lookup on those 2, cannot do a general search.

Steven, don’t soloey rely on the Appraiser, alot of times permit information is NOT on there and if it is, the dates are usually NOT correct.

Happy permit hunting!

Hey there Steve your location caught my eye. My son lives in Wesley Chapel. Nice area.
Good luck to you. As Ed said, stay at it!