Pasco County - Original Building Permit

Does Pasco County log their original construction permits?

Went out to here…

Could only locate the pool permit… Hillsborough county is so much easier.

Think I have seen some on there, if its a newer home 1999+

I have found Hillsborough County to be a pain… most of the time I can’t find the stuff I’m looking for on there. Where are you looking for Hills Co, here?

If you know of a better place to search, I would appreciate the info!
I like the Pasco site.

Hi Fred,

For Hillsborough County try this instead.

BTW… I called Pasco County Building Department and they gave me the original permit date over the phone, I could never locate it online.

Thanks, I will try it. Initially, it looks like the same site, but I’ll give it a go. Thanks!