Hip and Valley rafters

I have a home that has hip and valley rafters. 5 Hip rafters and 1 Valley rafter. All of the Hip jacks have intermediate supports. The valley rafter does not, The valley rafter is a 2 X 12 that is 18 ft long and extends from an exterior wall on the bottom to a broken ridge on the top. Do I need an intermediate support for this beam? thanks.

Dean, with a broken ridge, I would refer it out to a qualified framing contractor and let them make the decision on how to repair it.

I have found that we get ourselves into dutch when reporting how to fix/repair something, unless we are experts in that field. :slight_smile:


Oh! And I see it is your first post.

Welcome, Dean!

Dean, you obviously lack structural knowledge. Ask an engineer, not home inspectors.

Thanks, yes this was my first post. Now that I read the question again, it does seem to be a bit outside of the SOP. I sometimes have a hard time delineating what it is we are responsible for from what is outside of our realm of responsibility.

I agree with Larry. An engineer is probably over kill I would just recommend a qualified framing contractor and let him decide if he needs an engineer or architect, my bet is no.

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