Hip rafter attachment - What do you think?

Looks like the ridge beam is too short and the hip rafters do not properly attach. Inadequate support below hip rafters also.

Your thoughts?



Looks pretty weak.

How was the vertical support on the hip rafter?

I always make sure that it is supported every 12 ft. measured (estimated)horizontal.

IT would be easier to add extra vertical support to correct that issue than tear it all out.

Agreed, although I won’t make a recommendation for how to repair.

Hi. John, and your right, call it out and reccomend a contractor to repair.

The connection should have looked like this and no ridge support required.


:slight_smile: Marcel :smiley:

Improper cuts, wrong angles cut on the ends of the hip rafters. Very easy to cut wrong; when the carpenter can’t calculate length, angles or use a framing square properly to layout hip rafters.


Look at your pics closely. They may have also spliced the roof rafters without proper support.

Seen that too !

No splices there Linda. You must be looking at the hip jacks and mistaking them for splices, or the scab under the hip rafters.

Typical Texican framing…they mis-cut and add scab material to try and compensate or mask their F-up.

Gets called out in 8.725 :slight_smile: out of 10 new construction reports.

The roof system framing does not comply to the known industry standards. I advise consulting a structural engineer to design methods of the required appropriate repairs.

The ball is then in their court and on the engineer, or not in most cases until something happens and then I get the call and remind them to re-read their report.

This is after repairs were made, oops! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
Client got tired of paying me after 3 re-inspects and bought as is. With a final report stating none of the repairs were proper.
The seller filed a complaint on me for inappropriately harsh inspection reporting with TREC. They told him to go F-himself

Hasn’t Texas been in the HI regulation game almost the longest, going back to the 80’s. Good to see they supported you. If unregulated, the seller may have sued you!!!

How do you feel it’s working for HI’s?

It is what it is.

Other than it looks like it was all framed with 1x4 or some other 1x material instead of 2x , the main problem appears to be that it’s nailed with finish nails instead of framing nails. Call it out as defective in a heartbeat, recommend a SE. This is bad work.

Besides not cutting the roof joist long enough, they also improperly cut some of the roof joist one way then cut it the other way and installed it.:shock:

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