Valley Rafters to short?

Hello everyone. Aren’t valley rafter supposed to go from the ridge all the way down to the double top plate on the exterior wall? Please look over these pictures and tell me if I’m wrong when I tell the builder it’s incorrect. In one of them, they tried to repair it by shoving a piece of OSB in there, I think it’s a joke but what do you guys think?



Right Valley Rafter close up.jpg

Right Valley Rafter.jpg

Left Valley Rafter attempted repair..jpg

Left Valley Rafter.jpg

With the location of the girder trusses, it would be impossible to have the valley rafters rest on the top plates. The connections should be improved though and possibly engineered as there is substantial shear loading on the nails (especially on the second set of photos). Looks like the valley rafter length was limited to what was available on site.

Complex multi-plane roof designs require a knowledgeable framer. Looks like the rake and plate walls were set too high. I’ll assume the detail pictures were located in the bays where the roof pitch is different than the general plane of the main roof.
It most likely will require additional information for the building department to sign off… I would say its a non conforming framing detail that requires additional architectural/owner approval.

Bad framing. I’d pass that one on to an SE for correction design.