Hip or Non Hip/ shed

This is on a house that is mostly hip do you consider the area above the garage to be a non hip feature?

I believe it is a non hip feature but cannot see how it is worse than a hip.

Just the sides to the left and right of what’s in front of us… If they are gable

just the front portion above the garage.

I’d guess about six feet, hip roof.
Make it 8 feet, four rows of tiles times 2.

Eric, you see that as hip and not shed? or non hip? I have heard it called shed and if that is correct then it is not hip?

A shed?
the non-hip feature as I see it, would be the edges of that hip roof over the garage.

Now we have to look at the shed as well what were doing when mitigation. This is really getting ridiculous.

According to Manny in the class we had at the ASHI meeting last month that area over the garage gets counted as non hip, or shed if you will. Mike, that looks very similar to the home that I did. Same situation. Count it and the roof is non-hip. Discard it and the home is hip. Which way do you thing the insurance companies are going to look at it? Your right - non hip.

I have had three beers, but I still don’t see a shed!

hip - (architecture) the exterior angle formed by the junction of a** sloping side **and a sloping end of a roof

I would say non-hip, but it is going to be close.
I don’t know what the roof measurements are, but, I would probably have to measure the shed roof as a flat roof and not a gable or dutch hip. So you would add in an extra 8 feet to the width of the garage which is usually 22 feet or more.
I think, the non-hip vs hip would be somewhere around 30 vs whatever the perimeter measurement is. It needs to be 300 or more.
At least, that is how a re-inspector would measure it.

Then again, when I blew up the picture, it looks like there are ridge caps on the ends of the garage which would make it a hip roof, 100%


Looks like a hip to me. The key thing for it not being a hip is a gable end that would have to risist wind force.

side view

shed roof example from web. First one I found kind of similar. a shed roof would not be a hip roof.

shed roof web example.jpg

Well you just talked me into calling it a non-hip with that last post and new pictures. It’s a shed, and should be classified and measured as non-hip.

What a screwing the public is getting.
Does anyone believe it “SHOULD” be this way?

I did mark it as non hip because of that area :frowning:


Did you ever take the other class you said was coming up? If so how was it? Anything different?

Mike , I think if you were to look at it from a birds eye-view, you would go once around that home and only would count the perimeter once. So, the front width of that roof over garage section would be counted in the roof perimeter once and then, I would call the two small sides as non-hip and if those are the only areas that are non hip, would use those in my equation. Make sense? I believe that’s how I would do it from what I understand anyway.