How are you guys rating the roof sections of hip roofs which have open space below them (see pics) - hip or non-hip? Thanks

Looks like it to me.

Picture 1, yes, picture 2, maybe, picture 3 yes. Just from the pictures shown.

I’m not really sure what you’re saying… I’m trying to find out how folks are counting this type of feature (not whether the whole home is hip or non-hip)… Meaning - when counting linear feet of non-hip features, do you guys count this as a non-hip feature.

I do appreciate the help and hope I’m clear.


There is a non-hip feature in pic 2

Picture # 2 has a short rake that must be calculated as a % of other shapes, but other than that all other pictures are hip regardless of cantilever.

That is what I thought.

One and three are hip roofs with no other non-hip features visible.


It would seem to me that these would provide areas of weakness due to increased uplift forces - but - can understand that this doesn’t mean that they’re not hip.

Thanks so much :wink:

John, please explain to me what is non-hip in pic 2. If you are referring to the slope up against the wall, that is not counted in my book. Please show me in your book. That roof is 100% hip.

I’m not speaking for John, he can do that well enough.

However, Picture #2 has a small gable/non hip feature/rake at the left side of the photo. Regardless of its size, it’s still a non hip feature and must be included in the calculation. :smiley:

Here is the non-hip portion

By bad, didn’t see that…looked like a horizontal fascia line going the other way. Thanks