To be a Hip or not to be

When you first look at the house it appears to have two front gables, yet on inside of the garage it is framed as a HIP. This is the first time I ran across this. I would say it’s a hip. What say you, people smarter than I.

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Non hip, as long as they are more than 10% of perimeter. Its framed hip inside, but it opens up where the gable is

Russ, a lot of times you will find gables applied over fully sheathed hip trusses - hence the term over framing. The problem lies in the fact that the overframing is structurally attached to the hip roof truss framing and therefore when subjected to high winds and failure, it will take the hip roof with it. For this reason you must classify this as a non hip roof if it exceeds the 10% perimeter rule. — IMHO

In addition to my post above ---- If the gable was not structurally attached to the hip roof underneath, you might be able to convince the underwriters that the roof geometry is hip by using the same logic that is applied to flat roofs (carports) attached only to fascia. During failure the flat roof will separate without any structural damage to the main house roof. I doubt it would fly unless the hip underroof was fully shingled — but always worth a try.

I would say non-hip as well.

Non Hip, Many Gables are attached to a hip structure in the attic framing. However, it has no bering on the exterior roof shape. Add up your linear feet at the gables. Compare that to the linear feet of the total roof perimeter. If the gables are greater than 10%, It’s non hip.

Non-Hip…Or explain to the underwriter about piggy back trusses, outlookers, and uplift calculations. LoL

Guys, remember, we’re not there to interpret construction techniques other than bracing, strapping etc. We’re there to INSPECT, hence, Wind Mitigation Inspector. It’s a non-hip from the outside, gable actually. A required photo would indicate a gable so I certainly would not want to get involved in a construction discussion. That’s a job for a structural engineer. Thoughts?

I second that…

This is the grey area as just recently a few underwriters such as Olympus are offering the hip credit as long as it exceeds 66 percent of the roof shape. Not all underwriters are out to .?!$& the homeowners. They write throughout most of Florida.

Hope this helps

It’s a Gable. Framed lots of gables that way.

Ditto this

Gable IMO

Unless the gable has break away fasteners, is a cosmetic detail and the hip roof underneath is sheathed and functions independently on its own…Non Hip.