Hip or non-hip?

Not enough wind mit questions anymore.:frowning:

Your thoughts on this roof shape for an inspection this week. Should I even do a roof sketch?

Roof shape.JPG

Looks like “OTHER” due to the large flat area - strict interpretation would have you measure the perimeter of the flat roof and determine if it exceeds 10% of the entire roof perimeter – but you knew that — This is one of those cases where I feel the roof shape should remain hip, but by OIR rules it is not – Sucks ----- The flat roof needs to be measured at the common edge where it intersects with the hip downward slope. The backside of the flat roof where it intersects with the hip upward slope does not enter the calculation.

other style
I got dizzy when I saw the pic!

100% Hip

A shame with all that area it is still going to be other because of the rear flat deck. By the way, nice placement of the chimney at the joint of the flat and main roofs. :roll:

Boy that is sure a good example of why to have a max square footage size when advertising wind mits :slight_smile: Crazy to do a house like that for the same price of a “normal” home. Not saying you did but I know of many FOOLS that would.

What would be the difference in the size of the house…three minutes time?

One can, so does pay more. Get what you can when you can :slight_smile: If not you leave money on the table.

Any guesses on how many times the pricing structure has been complained about on the mansions?

At least once…About an hour ago… :slight_smile:

Not from my clients. Never once have I had one bi-ch and complain. They are usually impact windows and I verify them and it does generally take longer. Also f-ed up roof shapes and the like. Schedules are also normally tougher to arrange as those with the big bucks are used to having their every whim catered to. The inspector for the home charged more so did the painter, roofer, cleaner etc… Why should’t I? Bigger cost more almost always.

3 minutes…:ack: This one is a FBC house, all about roof shape, opening protection and SWR. I am assuming that I will be on this for at least an hour just on opening protection…WBDR.

Reece, I am a little surprised. Did you not see the flat roof?

More Hip, for insurance underwriting inspection would be considered a hip style roof with secondary roof style flat. By the way haven’t seen chimney stacks on a flat roof.

From the shadows, I would question whether that flat roof is connected to the main roof. Looks like it could be a step down. But if it is then definitely “other”.

That flat portion is a “flat top” mansard style roof on the main portion of the home. Non-hip perimeter is estimated at around 25% of total, so I didn’t even attempt a roof sketch with calculations. Turns out all the windows and doors were not impact even though it was built in 2004-5 and right on Tampa Bay. Went pretty quick actually. Really, really nice home though. Too bad he doesn’t get any extra discounts on a $4M home.:wink:

I’m guessing you do not do wind mitigation inspections.

I see that type of stuff a lot on the big million+ homes. I chalk it up to the fact that no one really checks it out. It is normally the odd or custom stuff.

Another reason I charge more for them. If I put my name on a report I am pretty damn sure about it being accurate. Sh-t happens maybe a window might have been broke once and replaced with something cheep but I basically look at every type of window up close for markings and then if a window is different I look twice.

Example would be a round bathroom window or something not the norm. Sometimes that stuff just gets overlooked by those who do the looking or security glass is used because the window guy “figures” it is just as good even though it has never been tested for hurricane stuff.

An hour on opening protection? You need better running sneakers…