Hip roof w/ flat top...

Hey everyone,
Did a Wind Mit on a 2 story townhouse today. 100% of the outer perimeter of the roof was hip geometry with 4 sloped planes. But the roof had a flat top where the A/C unit was located. Dimensions of the entire roof were 40x20 and the flat roof 25x10. Feels to me that the home owner should get a credit for roof geometry, but my gut is telling me that this one falls into the other category. Which is it??

Put a pict for us to see.

Go with your gut, since there are many interpretations on roof shape determination. Sounds like a mansard roof to me.


Really?! I won’t comment… I’m sure your glad.


I was thinking Mansard as well but that would just confuse all looking at the report :slight_smile: likely other without seeing.

I was in somewhat of a compromising position on this 2 story roof, so I didn’t get the best pics of what I’m trying to convey. But here are pics of the 2 different parts of the roof. I didn’t think mansard because it wasn’t a steep pitch. Medium, about a 4/12. Basically, a traditional hip roof with the top half cutoff. Thanks for the confirmation, I’m going with “other”.

You are describing a Mansard roof - This will not qualify for hip shape

Picts tell me DEFINITELY OTHER :frowning: for client.

I had an agent awhile back try to tell me that the underwriter considers a mansard to be HIP, and wanted me to change the report. I told her to have the underwriter put that in writing for me. Never heard back from her. This roof is not even a mansard, just a shingled facade in the front.