Hip or Other?

All of the eaves are hip and there’s a flat roof in the middle. Is this a hip or other roof on the wind mitigation form?

What is the percent of the “non-hip” feature?

Zero but we also count non hip interior features.

I’ll ask this another way. Is the flat roof a hip or non hip feature?

Almost looks like a mansard.

It looks so aerodynamic! Ok, other.

My report would say “Hip roof.”

And the underwriter will kick it back.

How is rain handled at the flat roof portion?

I guess that is why you are not doing wind mitigation reports :smiley:

Sunken Mansard would be in my hi report.

Your right.
But its still a hip roof.
Florida has always been different and when I lived there part of my job was to figure out what the hell the Southern boys were talking about.

I was a PM for Days Inn and right off the bat a guy says “we gotta set those kayooms” to me, 10 minutes later I figured he meant columns.:shock:

Still that’s a hip roof, fact is has a flat top doesn’t change that.
Mansard is a whole different thing.

Sorry Bob, your wrong!

Like this!



I bet it is slope or internal supper.

Hey just the messenger.

Not anymore you are.

Your the member of the year and were all looking to you for inspiration;-)

From InterNachi. It’s a mansard.

And from ASHI

As usual, some fail to read the post and then, post answers that are incorrect for the question posed.

To refresh the memories of some:

On the wind mitigation form,in Florida, you know, where this question was posted, the Florida section, this is considered an “other” roof.

Then even by Florida standards, if it’s not a hip, then it must be an “other”.

I am pretty sure I just said that…